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Inside Kim Kardashian's Reception -- New Video!

Another day, another video from Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' wedding.

This time, get a glimpse of their lavish reception.


Wedding planner Sharon Sacks continued the black and white theme for the post-ceremony festivities. A six-layer towering wedding cake by Hansen Cakes served as the focal point in the dining room.

Guests were seated at long banquet tables with black place settings and menus (see the close-up here). The main course consisted of chicken and potatoes with brussel sprouts and truffles as sides -- all expertly prepared by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck.

Kris switched from his white Ermenegildo Zegna tux to a more traditional one for the reception, while Kim donned a form fitting (and cleavage-baring) v-neck Vera Wang gown. After dinner, the newlyweds hit the dance floor.

Check out the video below (E!'s player is being a little fussy, so if it doesn't play, reload this page):

E! will air "Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event" on October 9 and 10, 2011.

What did you think of the reception decor? Fabulous or tacky? Tell TooFab in the comments below!

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Gigi:  1253 days ago

NOTHING about this wedding or reception has impressed me....tacky tacky tacky. Money does not taste make!

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jenny:  1253 days ago

Everything looked beautiful, although not my taste.
I am sure it was even better in person and cannot be capture in it's entirety on film alone. The people are really what make the party. I'm sure they being surrounded by friends and family had a great time and that's all that matters .

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msical:  1253 days ago

Imagine how many poor people could have been saved with all that money that was wasted for this wedding> SMH......what a waste!!!!!!!!

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Amberly :  1253 days ago

They made money off the wedding. I consider that itself an accomplishment. But I think it looked great.. from what was shown in the clip.

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jan:  1253 days ago

I believe that it was tacky to spend that kind of money on a wedding that reeks of selfishness. If only they would have set aside a little money to donate to the starving children it would have set better with the public. It seems tacky too that it was not the first marriage and of course it won't be the last.....

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BAMBI* :  1253 days ago

beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice!!

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Babs:  1253 days ago

An obscene amount of money spent on a wedding. But it has done wonders for econoomy of the wedding industry.

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kIM:  1253 days ago

I am not rich by any means but get sick of people saying if you do HAVE money your tacky, your selfish, that is so not true. So what they had a lavish wedding? If one can afford it why not, such reverse discrimination. And both of those young people WORK! ALOT!!! THEY DO GIVE TO CHARITIES, ALOT! Don't be a hater, just because your not rich-its not a crime to be successful-you give a poor man a fish he will take it, give him a fishing rod he learns to catch his own dinner. Good for you Kim and hubby! You both look really happy and that is all that matters!

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soulofanangel:  1253 days ago

Slut Kim marries a special needs guy and the freak show earns them 17 million dollars?

Can only hope the younger batch of brains in this country start showing their stuff, before we all run out of time.

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CJ_R:  1253 days ago

I think it was beautiful. People are allowed to spend whatever they want on a wedding and they are also allowed to profit. STOP HATING! If you could make money the same way, you would.

Also, what is tacky about having a wedding after being married a first time? Some of you will be critical no matter what.

Gigi is probably white trash, which is why she can't appreciate elegance.Jan& Msical, what charities do you donate to? Are you not allowed to splurge on an event that is so important? STFU. You are just jealous.

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Melinda:  1253 days ago

Are these people effin kidding me with "save the money and feed the poor" How many people that aren't in the lime light spend this kinda money on weddings, kids parties, or even just for the eff of it! It's her first really marriage and she deserved every bit of it. It personally was a little to much for me, but it wasn't my wedding so eff it! To each their own!!!!!!

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KatZ:  1253 days ago

I think its funny that everyone is complaining about how much money was spent on this wedding...look if we all had the money she did im sure a few of us would do the same they have the right to spend there money as they please..she looks beautiful as always and from what we can see in the short clip it looks amazing!

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cabbie:  1253 days ago

Stupid>? E! Tv for paying 13 million (yes thats million) to film this over the top affair.

Kim K and her clan are laughing all the way to the bank. Mostly because all of you people fawn over her and the trash that is her family..

Don't like it don'*****ch......


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Evelyn:  1253 days ago

Some people. Kim works hard for her money and no one has a right to tell her how to spend it. It doesn't matter how many times she's been married it none of your business. I am very happy for Kim and I hope she has a very happy life. You Go Girl....

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Scamp1:  1253 days ago

While I find the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan to be rather vapid, I cannot fault them for spending this kind of money on a a dyed in the wool American capitalist, I am thrilled that they put this kind of money directly back into the American economy no matter who footed the bill. Stop and think of all of the people who got work out of this. Seriously. Vendors of all kinds, from: caterers, to the servers, to florists, to electricians, specialty linen houses, truck drivers, (the list can go on and on), they all got work and made some money off of this gala. Bravo!!

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