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Taylor Swift -- In a Hair-allel Universe

Taylor Swift embodies the All-American girl with her blond hair and blue eyes.

But ever wonder what the country star would look like as a fiery redhead? Or even brunette?

Click on the "Launch Gallery" button below to see the photos and vote for which hair color you think looks best.


Comments (7)

Kev:  1258 days ago

Hair-allel Universe? Oh my god...

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A Real Lawyer:  1258 days ago

I don't get the obsession with Taylor. She cannot sing live. She writes songs for 12 year olds and they ALL sound the same. She isn't cute in the slighest and is kinda homely with those squinty eyes and a nose that's off center. I'm sick of hearing about her and how she writes song based on this guy or that guy. Blah x 3. Can't sing without autotune. I wish she'd go away.

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p:  1258 days ago

@ a real lawyer:u r so right about taylor!!
she cant sing live @ all!!she cant act like a lady!there r 2 people who should go away;taylor & kim k.

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Judy:  1257 days ago

I think she is cute, and while she isnt the best live, at least she actually sing's, Brittney Spears cant do it and she's a true nut case but everyone seems to think she is the greatest. Taylor fits the country life style, Sweet and lady like. Qualities that are missing in this mean self served world! Wouldnt you agree?

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lisa:  1257 days ago

Taylor CAN sing live. sick of all the older generation saying she can't. What proof do you have? Have you been to a live show? I have, and she's full of charisma and good vocals. All artists have a bit of auto-tuning, but she has nowhere near as much as other stars, like selena gomez. Swift writes songs that are for the HIGH SCHOOL and up audience, not 12 year old girls (who like the music because they just think its cool). Her songs are about boy drama, but when interpreted more generally, they are applicable to everyone. Saying what you feel, not holding back, getting over betrayal, etc etc. And you must be BEYOND gorgeous if you're saying she's not a pretty girl.

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mary:  1256 days ago

i think that taylor is the one of the best singer

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alice:  1256 days ago

Obviously she's doing fine with her career cuz she's sucessful, & the ppl that luv her music luv her music. If u don't I suggest u ignore her and don't listen (trust me she won't miss u). I hate when ppl take the time to write about how much they hate someone, seriously either quit ur hating or move on! My opnion she's awesome, and I like her childish songs and innocence, and y'all need to stop ur jelllousness and get a life. Perhaps find something u like?

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