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Jennifer Lopez Dances, Almost Gets Dropped on Video Set!

At 42, Jennifer Lopez still has a little fly girl left in her -- but almost went flying during her latest music video shoot!

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J.Lo has been filming the video for "Papi" over the last few days in L.A. -- and yesterday showed off some impressive dance moves on set ... while wearing some high, Christian Louboutin heels.

Lopez definitely kept up with the dancers on set, but lost her balance when once of them picked her up mid-choreography and almost fell off his shoulders!

Check out the video sneak peek above.

Comments (7)

maria:  1257 days ago

I think JLO is getting to old to do those dances ,she is a mother of two and 42 is not young not more ,she doesn't act like a mother or a married woman when she was married to Marco, look the video in American Idol when he was singing she was shakig her as!@#$ like a porno ....sometimes we have to realize we are getting old! she is !

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Amie:  1257 days ago

Maria no matter what age if you got it shake it! Becoming older, a mother of two and being married does not mean you should give up your sexy. Maybe you should give it a try before you judge.

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ben:  1257 days ago


she has earned millions of dollars doing exactly what she does. and she is beautiful and sexy, when she starts to look like madonna then she should stop. until then hopefully she keep going.

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emma:  1257 days ago

For the love of Christ you're 40ty something.. Dedicate yourself to something else... Jeez...

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Blubberbutt:  1256 days ago

Did she know he was gonna get between those legs and lift her?

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cati:  1255 days ago

sure...she is too old ..... how about tina turner , when she was dancing more provocative than l.lo ? and she had more than 42 ? come on , people , let"s face it don" like j.lo .....

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Carmen:  1248 days ago

Leave JLO alone....nothing with being sexy at 40 something SO WHAT!!!!..i am 51 people tell me i look sexy at this age...nothing wrong with it..get over it...i am sure if you looked like her , had her $ & fame, you would be worst...she acts like a lady and is doing it sexy..Stop hating & get a life. Her children look wonderful, happy & healthy!!! get a life!!!

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