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Remembering Aaliyah: Stars React 10 Years After Her Death

It's been 10 years since R&B singer Aaliyah Houghton's shocking death at the young age of 22.

The singer was killed along with eight others in a plane crash in the Bahamas on August 25, 2001 after filming the music video for "Rock the Boat."

With songs like "Try Again," "Are You That Somebody?" and "Back and Forth," Aaliyah definitely made an impression on the R&B world -- and today, the 10th anniversary of her death, her celebrity fans are sharing their thoughts on Twitter.

Missy Elliot: Aaliyah til this very day u r still in Your own Lane! Ure music is Timeless! We miss u! #WeLoveuAaliyah!

La La Vazquez: She was so far ahead of her time...ur music & ur spirit still lives on..may u continue to rest in peace..we LOVE u..we CELEBRATE u #Aaliyah

Drake: RIP Baby my ear at every show letting me know the next move I should make. Love you.

Michelle Williams: RIP AALIYAH! Loved and truly missed!

Monica: Love Aaliyah 4ever ... If at first u don't succeed ,dust yourself off and try again..... #Aaliyah

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Noreen:  1255 days ago

It says the wrong year on the link from TMZ.

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Tracey:  1255 days ago

Remember coming home from a late-night of hanging out in the city (NYC). Saw this on Yahoo News and asked my brother if he heard.

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Keeta:  1255 days ago

She truly is till this very day an inspiration to many. I love u Aaliyah thru ur music u will always be remembered and missed RIP.

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MAT:  1255 days ago

I heard it on the radio on my way going out to celebrate my sister's upcoming wedding... Was shocked then and still in shock. She is truly missed. Her spirit is timeless.. RIP

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jt81nicola:  1255 days ago

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Dayanara:  1255 days ago


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MR. B:  1255 days ago

R.I.P Baby Girl, your music and legacy will live on as long as good R&B is appreciated. You are still and will always remain "One In A Million".

Love always Mr. B

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tee:  1255 days ago

hard to believe its been 10 years since her passing... Gone but NOT forgotten..

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carmen davis:  1254 days ago

You will be truly missed

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saffiatu shaw:  1254 days ago

baby girl we truely missed you. three is no one who can replace you. rest in peace

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Scallywag:  1253 days ago

Upon Aaliyah’s death, every female that had any clout began jockeying for position to claim her audience, since Aaliyah was the only one ushering forth a futuristic sound, thanks in part to the production talents of Timbaland and Missy Elliot (who were, shockingly, not famous until they hooked up with Aaliyah in the first place, who became their muse).

But let's be honest, would Beyonce be anywhere if it wasn't for Aaliyah?

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cynthia:  1253 days ago

Such a beautiful Girl inside and out. Very influential on female R&B. She was classy, not sure that influenced carried over on all R&B female artist but you can recognize that she did. Set apart.

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Paris:  1252 days ago

Aaliyah was a wonderful singer all her songs was inspirational and much more i love all her songs some came before i was born and i got used to listening to her much love aaliyah rest in peace

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Linda:  1252 days ago

All angels sent to earth someday must return.Aaliyah was truly an angel that returned to soon. She has etched a place in music that has yet to be dimished. A lot have tried but there is only 1 1 in a million. Aaliyah R.I.P and to the family and close friends Thank You for shared a special and loving soul with us

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