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Courteney Cox Steps Out Sans Makeup in See-Thru Top

Courteney Cox has nothing to hide!

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The "Cougar Town" star was spotted out to dinner at her favorite L.A. restaurant, Il Sole, last night with estranged husband David Arquette and daughter Coco -- where she was sporting a make-up free face and a see-thru top, exposing her lace bra.

Cox was also seen holding a bottle of Smart Water, which her BFF Jennifer Aniston currently endorses.

Despite the minimal makeup, we think the 47-year-old actresst looks incredible. What do you think?

Comments (18)

tarcey bubster:  1214 days ago

UH, Courteney Cox is NOT 42--closer to 50!!

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Barbara:  1214 days ago

She looks good with out makeup on.

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Amy:  1214 days ago

The article says 47 year old.

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Jay:  1214 days ago

Sans free makeup, where? She HAS makeup ON, you can tell. So it's not heavy, you can tell she has a light foundation on, eye makeup and mascara and lip gloss. What idiot wrote this?

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Mary :  1213 days ago

She has make-up on - it's just not heavy make up like she wears for events or tv. She has mascara on and lip gloss and you can even see grey eye shadow.

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Amy :  1213 days ago

I think she looks fabulous!

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Alex:  1213 days ago

She looks great.

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Dana:  1213 days ago

She doesn't look like she has anything on but eye makeup. I think her skin looks totally bare. I bet she uses the wonderbar.

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jen:  1213 days ago

She has eyeliner and mascara on.....thats make up

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P Currie:  1213 days ago

Cosmetic companies would be out of business if everyone looked like this!!!! She is beautiful!

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rebecca:  1213 days ago

42??no way hoza 47

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Amy:  1213 days ago

DumbAss #1- No Courtney Cox isn't 42, she's 47...just as the article says she is. Learn to read!

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Sandy P:  1213 days ago

I think she looks wonderful...natural, minimal amount of make-up.

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bria:  1213 days ago

total plastic surgery everywhere. does'nt look good to me. looks scary actually.

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Lisanne:  1213 days ago

She looks absolutely stunning.... if I look half as good as she does at 48, I'd consider myself very lucky...

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