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Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter Split!

It was no home run for Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly -- because after dating for three years, the super-sexy couple has called it quits!

While Minka was at Yankee Stadium when the Jeter hit his 3,000 hit in July, the two have since gone their separate ways. The "Friday Night Lights" actress' rep confirms the breakup news to PEOPLE.

Kelly, 31, and Jeter, 37, "care about each other and it [the split] was amicable," a source tells the mag. "They're still friends."

Guess that finally puts an end to all those engagement rumors!

Check out the gallery above for more shocking splits.

Comments (9)

Shazaaaaam:  1253 days ago

Uh, Jeter is 37, not 31.

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Jamie:  1253 days ago

Isn't Derek Jeter 37, not 31?

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Eric Shook:  1253 days ago

Apparently baseball fans can't read.

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sara:  1253 days ago

If you would actually read the article, it states the age of both them correctly. Geesh.

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me:  1253 days ago

he is 37! she 31! you cant read?

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jaime:  1253 days ago

uhm...if you READ it says she was 31, not Jeter. It clearly reads: Minka, 31 and Jeter, 37.

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Lazarus:  1253 days ago

What else is new? focus on another championship!

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Beth-Idaho:  1253 days ago

Really? you people can not read....It clearly states Jeter 37, Minka 31. Wow are these grown ups that comment? I hope they didn't teach their children to read!!!!

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Superman:  1253 days ago

She caught his herpes for nothing. Or did the pretentious hoebag already have her own herpes strain when their relationship began?

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