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Gwyneth Paltrow: Little Makeup at Book Signing Event

Gwyneth Paltrow didn't let the threat of Hurricane Irene stop her from having a book signing event in East Hampton, New York -- but did it prevent her from doing her makeup?

The usually put together actress showed up to BookHampton yesterday to promote her new book "My Father's Daughter: Delicious, Easy Recipes Celebrating Family and Togetherness" looking like she came straight off the beach -- sporting messy hair, barely any makeup, a bathing suit top covered by a striped sweater, cut-offs and flip-flops.

What do you think of Gwyneth's casual look? OK for a book signing in the Hamptons ... or should she have stepped it up a bit?

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a.m.:  1250 days ago

Good for her! Since the topic of the book is cooking, it's a lot easier to imagine her in the kitchen actually using these recipes when she's not sporting perfect make-up and designer clothes. Smart move, Gwyneth:)

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Amy:  1250 days ago

It definitely is NOT okay for her to do a book signing looking like she just spent the day laying on the beach! I wonder what happened?!

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RM:  1250 days ago

She could have vamped it up a notch. She looks like she was cleaning her house before she showed up.

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tomcruiseisNUTs:  1250 days ago


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Liza:  1250 days ago

She is definitely dressed appropriately given the venue. Just look at the crowd in attendance. Had she been dressed to the nines she would have given the impression that she was better than those in attendance. Good for her ! Class as usual.

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Scarlet:  1250 days ago

I think it is awesome! It makes me feel better to know that without make up, stars are just like the rest of us. She has a beautiful complexion without make up and like many of us, prefer not to wear make up all the time. Good for her!

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Patty RIley:  1249 days ago


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Lorraine:  1249 days ago

Liza nailed it. It's the's her 'hood where she probably knew everyone in attendance. I think she looks beautiful. Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the "good guys" in the world of Hollywood schmaltz.

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NoName:  1249 days ago

Gwyneth just be you.....Why does anyone care how this woman decides to dress....Stop sitting around judging people and put more effort into yourself.

I like her as an actress and it doesn't matter to me what she wears because...guess what people??? She is human just like all of us....*SMH*

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Current.Moon:  1249 days ago

I love her! No, I'm joking I'm annoyed by her, she's overexposed and overrated. There are actresses more talentuous than her but media prefer talks always about Gwyneth, Gwyneth and Gwyneth!
+ she's very bad singer!

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Pogo:  1249 days ago

She looks healthy and normal, what's the problem?

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lola:  1249 days ago

She looks terrible! Not saying she had to go all glam but at least look like you care. I find her very arrogant so I am not surprised.

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beachgirl:  1249 days ago

I love it. She looks fresh, healthy, likes she really cooks for her family. She was probably helping get the house ready for the hurricane and still showed up to sign books. Good job.

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Wendy:  1249 days ago

She looked fine, just like the people that attended the book signing. And I honestly don't think she cares what anybody thinks.

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annie:  1249 days ago

Geez Gwyneth just can't do anything right, the media is always out to get her, she looks beautiful,relaxed isn't East Hampton a beach community? so she dressed the part. The media always wants to bring her down, because she's not a disgrace like other celebs. She's an amazing, accomplished woman, of many talents...Leave her alone!!!

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