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Hot Video: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Sings in Fluent French

The summer of celebs speaking foreign languages continues -- as Joseph Gordon-Levitt sang an entire song over the weekend in fluent French!

The actor, who has been performing all his hitRECord Joe tour, hit the stage in San Francisco over the weekend and sang ... well, we don't actually speak French, so we have no idea. But it sounded hot.

Check out the full performance here.

Joe is one of many stars to show off their linguistic skills in the past few months.

Bradley Cooper started the trend when he also spoke French while promoting "The Hangover Part II" abroad:


Mila Kunis then followed suit by shutting down a Russian reporter in his native language.


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Different-Time-Zone:  1245 days ago

That somebody speaks a second (or third) language is often a reason to be surprised in the US. In Europe (including Great Britain) it is pretty normal.

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Aghie:  1244 days ago

OH MY GOSH ! He's singing a Jacques Brel song, and this particular song is one of the hardest french song to sing, because the lyrics are full of wordplay !! And he's really good at it, he make it he's own !!

It's by far my favorite interpretation of the song, after the Jacques Brel version of course !!

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smashley:  1244 days ago

I'm not surprised he is very talented and has not allowed Hollywood to steal his soul... well done.

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