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Kim Kardashian's Racy Music Video Leaks

A video that Kim Kardashian isn't proud of is making the rounds, and no, it's not the one you think.

Earlier this year, the reality TV star tried to branch out into the music industry. She recorded a single called "Jam (Turn It Up)" and even shot a music video. The video never was released ... until now. Click the yellow "Play Video" button to watch a 55-second snippet of Kim in all her Auto-Tuned glory:

The video, directed by Hype Williams, features a greased-up Kim crawling and writhing on the floor. There are extreme close-ups of famous behind -- four in the first 22 seconds alone (yes, one blogger counted)!

Of course nowadays, Kim finds such shots "really rude" -- even though the gallery below proves otherwise:


The leak comes at the same time an anonymous buyer wants to remove her infamous sex tape with Ray J off the market and a week after her lavish wedding.

The girl definitely knows how to stay in the headlines!

Comments (14)

Bubba:  1249 days ago

What a shocker! Kim made a another trashy video. Let me guess... Kris Jenner produced it? At least in this video there is no one urinating on her like the other video she made.

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moonbaby:  1249 days ago

This is a joke right? Please tell me this is really a SNL skit.

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moonbaby:  1249 days ago

Is this a SNL skit?

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Areader:  1249 days ago

Funny how Kim just a short while ago chastised a paparazzo for filming her from the back as she walked by.

Yet in all her red carpet glam shots she's more than happy to show off that big butt of hers!

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Raine :  1249 days ago

What you call Music for the eyes.. not for the ears. I will continue listening to Adele.

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Yep I said that:  1249 days ago

She isn't proud of this? This is how she became famous acting slutty nothing was beneath her in her lust for fame and fortune.

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dawn:  1249 days ago

Oh HELL YEAH! You go, Kim. I say, if you're only good at one thing, and that one thing is rolling around on the floor covered in oil in front of a camera, then you may as well own it, go with what you know....and she does. Of course she can't sing, that's why the song did terrible and this video is going viral. It's awesome in how totally awful it is, but she does rolling-on-the ground-in-front-of-a-camera well.

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Michelle:  1248 days ago

Well, the two pictures above defintly proves something drastic has happende to that fat ass of hers..

when will she goooo away!!!!!!!!!!

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Manning:  1248 days ago

I feel dumber after hearing her music .. we've all seen her naked whats the point of this thing anyeay?

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boo:  1248 days ago

Wow who cares about that fam their a bunch of aportunistic ppls.. all of them whh so much hype for them i ask my self really like really.. there the most fony pple u can see.. wow!!!! Cuase of us these ppl r making so much money.. im sorry i refuse to support any of them

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drizella:  1248 days ago

Trash, but what else did you expect from her?

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linghohn:  1247 days ago


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william:  1206 days ago

Good God, what a fat ass! Hideous.

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maria:  1093 days ago

Ughhh why more of this disgusting person? we are up to her news,enough is enough please stop the nuisance! she is not famous ,she is not class she and her family can take a vacaton for EVER!

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