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Sexy Kardashian Ad Campaign -- See the Photos

The Kardashian sisters are continuing their media blitz with a sexy new ad campaign for their Kardashian Kollection fashion line.

Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz shot Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim in various outfits from their new line, which can be found at Sears. The line includes everything intimates to dresses to shoes, with nothing costing more than $70. One of the shots features the girls in their underwear, but thankfully they aren't writhing on the floor in grease. Click on the "Launch Gallery" button below to see the photos:


The sisters have already gotten into some heat over their line. In a press release, they referred to themselves as Kardashian "klan," a spelling commonly used by white supremacists. It also doesn't help that their first names create the initials KKK.

They have yet to respond to the PR blunder, but knowing them, any press is good press!

And although it looks like Kim may have been digitally superimposed into the ad, she actually was at the shoot, which this video proves:


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jpierce26:  1244 days ago

You can tell the bra and panty photo was not taken together. It looks as if they took the pics seperate and got cookie cutted into place with Kim being more infront as usual. Also, what is up with the right side of Khloe's bra top? Is it folded under? Sorry. I will not be buying ANYTHING Kardashian. I am so sick of seeing them EVERYWHERE. Same old Same old to me.

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The Maharincess of Franistan:  1244 days ago

Stunning women. Very glamorous. They remind me very much of the Gabor sisters. Wish them much success with the line!

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squeeky:  1244 days ago

Ok..there are a ton or rumors that the big
one..KHLOE? is only a HALF sister to the other
two. I think it is prety OBVIOUS! She looks
NOTHING like her sisters...they look like twins.
She even had a DNA test because she did not
think Kris (the pimp) was her real mother! Sadly she is her real mother. Old rumors say that Kris and and then hubby Robert, used to "swap"
partners with OJ and Nicle Simpson (who was
Kris's best friend) She looks like OJ. She is MASSIVE and not at all pretty. Very manly...
Sorry need to find out who your real DADDY is... cause it is NOT Robert Kardashian. They say you can put lipstick on
a pig...and it is still a PIG....right Khloe?

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BritanyJames:  1244 days ago

OMG! they leaked private pictures of Justin Bieber! They are so CUTE...You can get them here:

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mccld:  1244 days ago

These Kardashians are only famous because ditsy ass Kim spread her leggs for the world to see to a black guy. Now her pimp mother who worships money will sign these girls up to anything. The cost of fame is a cheap thing. One ditz whored her way to the top, and now has brought her whole family in for the ride. I hope these money worshipers realize that you can't take it all with you. They all worship money, don't they know that $ is the root of ALL evil. I hope that none of them ever get caught slipping, especially that mom Kris, cause she like her daughters are all hell bound!!

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suzette:  1244 days ago

umm... i think they messed up kourtneys forarm... it looks like a little persons arm from elbow to wrist

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Bean:  1244 days ago

Every last one of them is annoying as heck. Will never spend my time or money on any of them!

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RM:  1243 days ago

Khloe looks like her mom in the face, not like her sisters who resemble their father.

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Areader:  1243 days ago

Kendall Jenner at 6 feet tall already at age 15 and absolutely beautiful will soon be the one to sit upon the Kardashian throne as top earner and most popular!

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Ginger:  1243 days ago

It's too bad y'all are wasting your time on people you don't know or like. It's nothing new for people to be jealous of beautiful, charming, and talented women. You may not like why they are rich and famous but the fact is they are...get over it. Oh, and to the idiot that thinks Khloe is Oj's daughter...bahahahaha nice theory but get a grip.

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Marcus:  1243 days ago

holy crap can you say photoshopped to death. It looks like they took the pics seperately and meshed up together later. I feel so sorry for the people who look up to these media whores as insperation.

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KAren:  1243 days ago

We should not be giving them a second of our time. Why glamourize "bodies"that are plastic..I don.t think there are any real parts in any of them. Terrible role models for young girls. I am sorry I just wasted my time writing this. This family must be stopped !,,,

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Dave Beard:  1243 days ago

First off, wish I never have to see these pigs ever again, why they are famous is besides me but whatever, go away. Secondly, there is no way the ugly one, LO's wife is made up of the same DNA, for sure the mom f'd the pool boy or something, she looks nothing like them.

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Jen:  1243 days ago

People stop hating for "if you cannot say something nice don't say nothing at all". Girls you are all beauitful. May God bless you all and also share your blessings to help others whom are in need.

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weed:  1243 days ago

Out with the holloween costumes this early in the year!!!!!!

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