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'Glee' Star in Controversial New Photo Shoot

"Glee's" ditzy cheerleader Brittany is all bruised in a brand new photo shoot with Tyler Shields -- and it's got some online fans in an uproar!

Heather Morris sports a serious black eye and, in one photo, is seen tied up with an iron cord in the controversial spread posted on Shields' website. The inspiration behind the shoot: Even Barbie bruises.

"So wait… we’re glamorizing bruises/abuse now?" one commenter writes on Tyler's message board.

Another commenter writes, "There is absolutely nothing new or revelatory about pics like this ... They just perpetuate images of battered women. Can you please explain why you’re so stuck in the dark ages?"

Shields is sticking up for his work though, telling TooFab "It was something we both wanted to do, a bruised up Barbie. In no way were we promoting domestic violence. We both loved the idea and we both love the photos."

Calls to Morris' rep weren't immediately returned.

Controversy is nothing new to the young photographer -- he previously photographed Lindsay Lohan pointing a gun in her mouth.

What do you think of the photos? Sound off below -- and check out some behind-the-scenes video from the shoot.

Comments (44)

jj:  1247 days ago

I love them, Tyler Shields is A genius Heather Morris is boss!

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honey2000:  1247 days ago

This is sick. Tyler, "bruised Barbie" is not what this society needs to see. God help our young girls.

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M:  1247 days ago

As a survivor (note SURVIVOR, not victim) of domestic violence, these photos glamorize domestic abuse. There is nothing funny or "edgy" about receiving a black eye from your spouse/love/significant other. Until these Hollywood types actually walk in a victim's shoes they will never understand why these photos are inflammatory.

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GinaD. :  1247 days ago

Ok maybe I am missing something but the photos do not say anything about domestic abuse. She has a black eye. It doesn't say how she got it. Why does everyone just assume her spouse did it?

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CS:  1247 days ago

Shields' defense of the inspiration is lame and gives no true reason for this shoot. He absolutely knows he's being inflammatory, and that's his whole point. He's being controversial simply to gain fame and incite chatter. Pathetic, especially when so many women have been through the horror of domestic abuse, and there's nothing glamorous or sexy about it. F* you, Tyler, you insipid beast.

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debschira :  1247 days ago


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gracemym:  1247 days ago

a girl with a black eye, iron and a male hand... no domestic abuse at all....

c'om is heather morris as stupid as her glee character? these photos are extremely ofensive.

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RaED:  1247 days ago

This afternoon... 3 blocks from my home, a 55 year old woman was shot and killed by her husband. He turned then turned the gun on himself. They were in the process of a divorce. 15 minutes before the murder-suicide, the husband was served with a domestic violence restraining order. I wonder if the victim (unfortunately not a survivor) would find this artistic? Violence of any kind should never be glamorized.. if this were art for the sake of art.. it would not have to publicized in order for the artist to express himself. (Article about murder-suicide can be found at

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sniffle24:  1247 days ago

I guess she's not all that different from her Glee character. She really is stupid after all.

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Karen:  1247 days ago

Through the sickness and pain
We suffered through and through
You said you never wanted to hurt me
Well that plan fell through

You aren't even sorry
You didn't shed a tear;
You just sat there stone faced
Without a lick of care

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ginger:  1247 days ago

i agree as a survivor of DV and the mother of an 18 yr old daughter, i think this is just WRONG!

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unimpressed:  1247 days ago

tyler shields is a kid with a camera. nothing he does is groundbreaking, interesting, or particularly heavy...even in an acceptable art sense. this whole shoot has no direction, focus, eh. i know it's been said, but there's nothing here except cheap fame. excuse me, but these pictures aren't even impressive. any 14 year old with backdrops and a nikon could have taken them. bruised barbie-it's a blonde in a vintage dress and pony tail. what a heartless ditz of a little GIRL. ******* hollywood-everyone pushes out anything that pops into their silly little heads. no better than anyone.
and yeah, GINA D., i think you missed the part where don't get an iron and bondage involved in tough girl fights...where the **** else would it be going?

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ana:  1247 days ago

for me it looks like domestic violence, but if wasn't i didn't like the photos anyway.

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ginger:  1247 days ago

WOW!!! Did Rihanna and her Camp do this to boost her career. This shiz looks real as hell.

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Susan G:  1247 days ago

Who's to say she didn't get the black eye from some b**** at a club? And being tied up by a guy? Couldn't that just be for the kink factor? Why is everyone so quick to jump the domestic abuse. Sensitive much? It's just a photo shoot. (And Heather Morris looks too hot for me to complain.)

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