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Melanie Brown Welcomes Baby No. 3!

0901_mel_singleThere's another Baby Spice in the Spice World!

"Scary Spice" Melanie Brown gave birth to her third child -- a girl -- Thursday in Los Angeles.

It's her first child with husband Stephen Belafonte.

"Finally our baby arrives! Stephen nearly passed out, Phoenix screamed, I laughed so hard the baby popped out!" Brown tweeted Friday. "She is just sooo amazing!"

She adds, "I wanna thank you ALL for your beautiful well wishes,it means a lot to me,you guys are the best,I am SOOOOOO blessed my heart is melting!!"

The Spice Girl also posted a message to her hubby, writing "I didn't think it was possible but I love you even MORE now honey,we have a truly amazing family."

Early Thursday morning, a visibly pained Brown made her way to Cedars Sinai hospital with Belanfonte and her bodyguard.

Brown has two other children from previous relationships, daughter Chi Phoenix, 12, with Jimmy Gulzar and Angel, 4, with Eddie Murphy.

Brown is the third Spice Girl to give birth this year. "Posh Spice" Victoria Beckham welcomed a daughter, Harper Seven, back in July. "Baby Spice" Emma Bunton gave birth to a son, Tate, in May.

Congratulations to the new parents!

Comments (5)

azriel:  1245 days ago

3 babies with 3 different guys... gross...

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Page:  1245 days ago

These women need to stop having all these kids by different men, use some dam protection. It shows you that all they do is sleep around and pass on diseases. These stars have enough money to buy condoms. Just plain NASTY!!!!!!!!!!HOES

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Judge Ye Not:  1245 days ago

@ azriel and page - she was married to her first husband and had her daughter. she "accidentally had a daughter by Eddie Murphy and then she had her third daughter by her 2nd husband. To say that about someone is just wrong because she was married twice and she only had one out of wedlock. There are some women who kill their children through abortion just so they DON'T look like a hoe, but yet...they just killed a baby to not look like one. There are plenty of other celebrities and everyday women who have that many children father's when their marriages just simply do not work or just because they are hoes (which is not Mel B's case). Brittney Spears would have been a teenage mother had her mother not gotten her an abortion. She never denied those allegations either. Anyways, it's her business and that's that people.

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Dresdena Von Germania:  1245 days ago

@ Judge ye not: The fact that you equate abortion with murder is the basest, stupidest and most ignorant thing I've read on this post. Calling a woman a whore (If you're going to call someone a whore at least use the right word) because she had 3 children with 3 different men is MEDIEVAL. Is a man a "hoe" if he fathers 3,4,5 or however many kids with as many women? I've had my children with 1 man: My husband. However, my sister's had her children with 3 men, each of whom she was in a committed, long-term relationship at the time. How exactly does THAT make her or Mel B a slut or a whore? Or are women not supposed to re-marry and have kids if their first marriage fails? You come across as bloody fools who don't deserve to vote let alone raise children. Do you lot live in double wide trailers whilst stuffing fried twinkles into your lard filled arses? Stupid cows, the lot of you.

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Kari:  1245 days ago

Good lord "ladies"...these women may have children by different daddies...SO WHAT???
They ALL work..make good money and take care of themselves and their children!!!

You that critize, need to look in the mirror and make sure that your children are being supported by YOU and not some welfare check or child support check!!! Jealousy is so unbecoming!

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