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'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': All Smiles on Premiere Night

Despite the gloomy circumstances surrounding the second season premiere of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," three of the show's stars were all smiles last night in NYC.


Adrienne Maloof, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump looked like they were having a blast with their husbands when cameras caught them at dinner at The Stanton Social on Monday -- where even Giggy was allowed a seat at the table.
The ladies and their men were celebrating Adrienne's 50th birthday with back-to-back dinners in New York, starting the weekend off Sunday at Beauty & Essex.

Fans tuning into the premiere last night witnessed a far less bubbly group of women though, as the show started out with the entire cast reacting to the suicide of Taylor Armstrong's husband, Russell.

What did you think of the season premiere? Do you think Bravo handled Russell's death tastefully?

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linda trimble:  1244 days ago

I was looking forward to last nights show, however it all seemes so contrived or scripted, I was very disappointed. The arguement between Adrienne and Paul was extremely phoney!

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diana:  1244 days ago

stop w/the injections!!!

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Donna :  1244 days ago

The housewives are saying don't "blame the TV show for killing Russell" because they have no skills and no jobs and they live in terror of losing their "fees" from acting in the show. They are supporting the TV show because they are tools that have that TV show as their only income and validation to exist.

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Blubberbutt:  1244 days ago

Lisa and Ken are the new evil couple. Adrianne is awfully hard on her hubby. Reminds me of Vicky always carping on Don. Taylor is a walking time bomb- she needs meds big time..

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Carolyn:  1244 days ago

They handled it as well as they could. As for any remarks at the dinner table, I think some people were "thinking out loud" and were not critizing the deceased.

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Missy:  1244 days ago

Yes. it was handled well & the season looks good. In a few weeks, they should be able to air some of their counseling sessions. He volunteered & she was paid to have their lives on tv. He allegedly a LOT of skeletons & 24 hrs later his business associate killed himself. Had nothing to do with the show.We love it as a guilty pleasure.

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Ethel:  1244 days ago

It's trash TV. They are acting in front of the cameras. Plastic barbies..... Even with all the plastic and layers of make-up they are still not beautiful women. Not on the outside or on the inside. If they have so much wealth, why would they humiliate themselves, their families, and their husbands with doing reality TV? Fame.....? That's not fame. That's desperation. Like "Desperate Housewives".

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Randy:  1244 days ago

I feel so sorry for Taylor and her family. God bless you and keep you safe. As for Ken, sometimes you may want to take a moment to think before you speak. You are not entitled anymore then anyone else and if you were, you would know that your opinion is fine for you but pick another time to state it. And for Adrienne, I just turned 50 myself and have been married to my husband for 30 years. You should not talk that way to your husband. There is a much more classier way to get your point across and a better time to do so. All of you should no better.

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whocares:  1244 days ago

The bickering between Adrienne and her hubby was sooo uncomfortable..geez! Get a divorce then!! Why do they all blow up their lips?? Kyle used to be very pretty until she went under the needle. Why?? Big fat lumpy lips look horrible...not pretty, and not sexy at all!! Lisa is the most attractive by far because she hasn't blown up her lips. And Adrienne is starting to look like Joan Rivers. Ladies, please think twice about messing with your face: "Less is More".

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Kathy Baratta:  1243 days ago


Please. Stay away from needles and surgical knives. Stay as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. You are the only "natural" in the group (in every sense of the word). Your and Ken's honesty are always as welcome as any whoosh of fresh air into any stifling climate/situation.

Ken is what is known these days as old school (as am I) and he disdains "therapy." He has that right and the right to so state it at a dinner party among supposed friends. A private dinner party among "friends" should be a place where such a comment as Kens would have either been met with a "hear, hear," or stimulated a hearty debate. That's if there are adults at the table. If there are petulant adolescents then, of course, temper the conversation accordingly.

I loved the way Ken and Lisa "extricated" themselves from the dinner party with an obviously time-worn cue the two have developed over their thirty years together; you know, the gambit practiced couples use to escape situations they decide they abhor or want to ignore.

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DiamondLil:  1243 days ago

Saw the episode,.....cwertain part definitely staged,....-D-A-H ! Those people looked so very uncomfortable, including the husbands. Kyle Richards, she looked genuinely upset over the death. Adrienne, why the hell are you soooo hard on your husband? IF NOT FOR him,do you you think you would live as high on the hog as your do? Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump seem, or appear to be the claassiest of the group,.....Camille and and Taylor have has sooo much surgery/Botox,...they appear to be VERY unattractive women. While I accept the fact the celebrity has created this lifestyle you have been accustomed to,they 'should' continue to support what they have created, regardless of marriage status.Camille and Taylor, you live in the world of celebrity, you 'are not' celebrities.Come on folks, Bravo tried to save face and grace, to protect 'their'programming,.....not for a minute,did I think their would cancel the VERY popular series, GOD it's a major money maker, and networks are about MONEY.
It was terrible that a man felt so desperate that his only choice was suicide,....soo very said,especially for that very precioua little girl Kennedy. Taylor, you may have to get a job, in Beverly Hills ain't cheap,and your late husband coattails are no longer there for you to ride on,.....Kyle and Lisa, plese keep trying to show a class act.

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Dennis Marchioni:  1243 days ago

I was on a reality show. These people are craving attention, even after someone just died. It would be a lie to say the show had NOTHING to do with his suicide. They wanted taylor and him to split, his alleged homosexuality and failed business ventures to be a plotline. the show I was on mentally tortured me, and I played a "character". These are loosley scripted situations, heavily edited. 1 hour equals 6o hours of footage. Anyone can be perceived as the production company wants them to be perceived. I was the gay, incompetent assistant to a fake "celebrity" who did nothing but sit on her fat ass while people behind the scenes did the real work. Take theser shows with a grain of salt. I do like a good trainwreck and do enjoy Bravos programming but Rachel Zoe and Lisa too SEEm to be nasty bitches.

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American Woman:  1236 days ago

Dear Stupid,
Adrienne Maloof has more money than God. The one who would miss the lifestyle would be her husband, Paul.

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