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Kate Gosselin 'Freaking Out' Over Show's End

0907_kate_singleWith eight kids to care for, it's understandable that Kate Gosselin is constantly worried.

But ever since her TLC show "Kate Plus 8" was cancelled, the reality TV mom has reached a new level of stress.

"I'm freaking out. Big time," Gosselin tells People in the new issue. She said her children "weren't ready" to leave the show, which has chronicled their lives since 2005. "Nobody was," she added. "I've never quit a job in my life without having something else lined up. I don't know what's next."

"I told [the kids] I will work my fingers to the bone to make sure that they can stay here and go to their school," Gosselin said. "There are no guarantees in life for anyone, but they know that I'm giving it my best shot."

It's unclear what opportunities Gosselin will pursue. She's already parlayed her fame into a stint on "Dancing With the Stars" and written a number of New York Times best-sellers. But with her show off the air, her marketability may be waning.

One person that definitely won't have Kate Gosselin on his show is CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. Cooper blasted the reality TV mom and her dramatics on his RidicuList segment Tuesday night. Watch it below:

What do you think Kate should do next? Tell TooFab in the comments below!

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Mas:  1237 days ago

Kate Gosselin needs to die.

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tizerri:  1237 days ago

She has nobody to blame but herself. I have watched 1 episode since Jon left and COULD NOT STAND HER... she goes to a farm in heals and does nothing but complain. I miss the kids but I can't stand to watch her. I would watch Jon Plus 8

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Lulubelle:  1237 days ago

Good. I hope this arrogant, miserable woman turns penniless and her children are finally taken away from her.

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Granny:  1237 days ago

Thank God. I hope she disapears forever. Took long enough for this to happen. I guess you will have to go get a real job now biotch. LMAO!!

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sally:  1237 days ago

About time. She is such a manipulator. Now TLC Won't pay for all the trips, house, any little whim she has. Perhaps it is telling in what Steve said about taking a trip with them again. Welcome to the real world. You have to get a job-a real job and give up all the perks. You can see how this has effected the kids. God forbid if they got a speck of dirt on themselves. Perhaps child protective will step in.

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Shoemommy07:  1237 days ago

Kate is just plain mean! She's prob shot herself in the foot so many times, throwing her "diva" tantrums w/ producers, and they're finally fed up. I feel for the kids. They look like they become attached to ppl easily ( i.e. The nanny, the body guard, and all the show's staff). Now all those ppl will be gone and out of their lives. They just have Kate. Yikes!!!

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Tinalouise:  1237 days ago

This woman is just pure evil!! I can not believe that she freaked out over a slice of pizza and more or less called her kid dirty and disgusting for handling a slice of pizza that was unwrapped..for STEVE no less!! It can't be denied, hidden, pretended, this woman is a lousy human being. She whines that the kids will be sad about not being on the show any more, who is she kidding, she now has to get a real JOB!! Bitch!

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suz:  1237 days ago

First, I think ole girl should get some major counseling. Then she should promise never to show her face on TV ever again. That whole situation is so dysfunctional I truly feel sorry for those children. I will be interesting how they turn out.

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ellen:  1237 days ago

What was her plan when she gave birth? I'm sure she figured she and Jon would have to "work their fingers to the bone" to support them then.
So, I figure had she not spent all the $ she made from the show, (lots $ for all those divorce lawyers and hair extensions, manicures every week etc)she would have plenty of $ left to support her kids. Welcome to our world Kate!
Now you really are a struggling single mom.

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kar:  1237 days ago

Kate needs therapy. Her oldest girls act just like her. She is not a happy person. I feel sorry for the kid's. Jon is not any better but at least he got out, the kids don't have a chance!! Guess she will have to work a real job now and live like a normal person.

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elle:  1237 days ago

Kate mistreats people. She mistreated her husband, all of her friends and family. She says its for her kids, but someday they will resent her for driving other people out of their lives so that she could be the control freak that she is.
Just wait for the books....

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Rob:  1237 days ago

I have never watched John and Kate Plus 8 or Kate Plus 8 but I can tell you from reading what TMZ Puts and watching Inside Edition about Kate she is nothing but a big b#tch, and I hope that no other TV Channels puts her back on the air I seen previews of an episode where a lady tells her that she is done with Kate and is leaving and going home and I don't blame that lady after seeing the preview Kate is A BULLY and I hope Karna bits her in her ass.

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CHRIS:  1237 days ago

PORN would be a good start for her!

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RealMomTX:  1237 days ago

Yeah, this makes my day. I just can't wait to see her actually have to get a REAL job. We all know by the numerous plastic surgeries, manicures, trips, etc that she has no money management skills or for that matter, anger management skills. She will soon spend the last dime from TLC and her book deals and end up another Dustin Diamond. I bet it WOULD be a TV hit if TLC later finds out where she is working and makes areality TV show out of that experience. Props to the babysitter for quitting and to Anderson Cooper for exposing her for the foolish, irresponsible, fake woman she is. I wish the kids the best because they are innocent and deserve better. I hope Jon will step in and man up so the children have a stable life and don't end up like their diva "wanna be" mother.

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aneeter:  1237 days ago

Stop crying and freaking out! Get a job and support your kids like the rest of us do. I know a family with 8 kids and they work. They don't have thousand dollar extensions, body gaurds nannys housekeepers cooks, etc. Know you will actually have to look after the kids 24/7 and not let the hired help do it. Don't feel sorry for you at all.

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