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Lindsay's Little Sis: The Startling Transformation

What is it with the Lohan girls? They start off as such cute, fresh-faced girls but quickly become hard-looking young women.

Take Lindsay's little sister Aliana "Ali" Lohan. Gone are the rosy cheeks and warm smile, replaced by strong bone structure and brows. Keep in mind she's only seventeen!

Click on the "Launch Gallery" button below to see more of Ali's grown-up look:

media_removed_toofab 102011

Ali is signed with Next Models in Los Angeles as one of their new faces. You can check out her online portfolio here. In some shots she bears an uncanny resemblance to her mother Dina.

Do you think Ali's look is too edgy? Tell TooFab in the comments below!

Comments (14)

EllieS:  1242 days ago

Anyone notice how much she looks like Sam Ronson? Just sayin'

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CousinEddy:  1242 days ago

She's a drug addict just like her older sister. End of story.

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ocgirl:  1241 days ago

she does look like Sam Ronson! Weird.

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Toni:  1241 days ago

She is NASTY! She looks like a transgender

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Erin:  1241 days ago

Did she get a nose job? Flip through the pictures! She looks completely different.

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mannequin:  1241 days ago

I think she's actually the prettier of the two, she has uniqueness, Lindsay is more common, everyday. I hope she doesn't go the route her sister seems to be leading her down.

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DiamondLil:  1241 days ago

WOW !....Looked through the gallery of photos, and w-h-a-t a transformstion.What happened to that fresh faced girl, like Lindsay once looked like. The current photo makes Ali look harsh, not healthy at all.Personally I think Lindsay,her sister,has great potential, but because of her choices,....she can't get work (uninsurable)and some just don't want to bother with her antics.What a talent going to waste;gee Lindsay, is this the model you want to set for Ali, or is it possoble too much time has passed for Ali to be saved.The other fact, Dina Lohan as a role model,....really? Come on Lindsay, somebody has to step up before it's too late.Have to admit Ali does look unhealthy in these photos, more like a drug addict, rather a healthy 17 year old.

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e:  1241 days ago

they are both way too thin which makes them look pained and old rather than healthy, young, and happy. not worth it.

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gagirl:  1241 days ago

WTF happened?!?!? She looks a hot, anorexic mess.

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Michael:  1241 days ago

This young girl has Anorexia, no doubt in my mind. Lindsay and that woman they call a "mother" should feel proud. They've both managed to screw up this young girls life to the point of possibly no return. Lindsay Lohan needs to move to Canada or somewhere out of sight, I can't stand seeing her any longer and the termoil/influence that Lindsay has had on her sister, Ali, who's been living w/her all summer is unforgivable. This whole family needs to go to an undisclosed rehab facility to repair the damage that has been done.

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juden:  1241 days ago

Wow, if that Lohan mother has any other young children CPS really needs to take them away. This is child abuse. If this kid isn't dead by 30 she is going to be one messed up adult... and you think after seeing Lindsay ruin her life because of fame their mother would be a little more careful with her other kids. Absolutely no respect for that Lohan mom.

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Tiffany:  1240 days ago

She's a damn dog

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lauren:  1240 days ago

She looks androgynous now. Not pretty or healthy.

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CC:  1239 days ago

I say she is anorexic.

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