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Jonathan Taylor Thomas Turns 30 -- See Him Now!

Back in the 90s Jonathan Taylor Thomas (A.K.A. JTT) was plastered on every cover of Teen Beat, Tiger Beat and Bop out there ... and then completely vanished.

Well, get ready to feel old, because the former teen idol turns 30 today -- and after almost 10 years since his last red carpet appearance, he's finally been spotted by a camera!

JTT reunited with his "Home Improvement" castmates last month for a photoshoot for an upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly -- and TV mom Patricia Richardson shared some behind-the-scenes pics.

Thomas can been alongside Richardson, Tim Allen, Zachery Ty Bryan, Taran Noah Smith, Debbe Dunning and Richard Karn.

Check out another recent shot of JTT and the Taylor boys, plus take a look back at his teen idol heyday above! Thanks to DListed for first tracking down that new photo.

Happy Birthday!

Comments (26)

bunny:  1235 days ago

Boy, he's still hot. I always knew he'd grow up a beautiful man.

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Taunya:  1235 days ago

He still looks the same. They all do. That's a good thing though. Still a cutie.

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Mis:  1235 days ago

He could be Val kilmers younger brother.. Mmmmm

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Candacechavez:  1235 days ago

Happy Birthday Jonathon!!! Hope all your wishes come true....b

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h8teraide:  1235 days ago

I'm pretty sure that Val Kilmer is his father or relative. Seriously look at mid 90's Kilmer and then look at this picture.

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Ann:  1235 days ago

Still a cutie!! He was my first celeb crush LOL I still can't believe he's 30!!!

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nona ya:  1235 days ago

i think hes creepy looking now

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cindy:  1235 days ago

Sorry #3 and 5, I don't think he looks like Val Kilmer at all. Jtt is much cuter. He has a sexy voice too!!

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jaime:  1235 days ago

wow he really hasn't changed a bit he still cute as ever happy birthday

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Sharon:  1235 days ago

I still love me some JTT! I have been wondering for years where he has disappeared to! I hope he goes back to acting sometime soon. Happy Birthday Jonathan!

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Chelsea:  1235 days ago

The only reason to ever watch "Home Improvement". Gorgeous boy.

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brutony:  1235 days ago

Another little lib teen who thought he'd conquer the world by 30-hey JTT, hows that career going, or was that George W Bush's fault, too?

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MsRickie:  1235 days ago

Wow, he looks like Tim Allen.

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Shaydie:  1235 days ago

Val Kilmer? More like Mike Meyers.

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onecent:  1235 days ago

I can see why people say he reminds them of Val Kilmer, especially in the older picture. He was such a cutey-pie and is still handsome!

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