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Kate Gosselin -- Check Out Her New Car!

Kate Gosselin may be "freaking out" over being unemployed, but at least she's got a cushy new car to drive to her upcoming job interviews!

The "Kate Plus 8" star was spotted earlier this week in Wyomissing, PA driving around in an Audi TT sports car, which she reportedly says she got, used, before her show was axed.

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Just yesterday, Kate told PEOPLE "I've never quit a job in my life without having something else lined up. I don't know what's next ...I told [the kids] I will work my fingers to the bone to make sure that they can stay here and go to their school."

Good luck driving all 8 of them to school in that.

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dh21:  1237 days ago

Yeah that's a kid friendly car......NOT!

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gossipgirl86:  1237 days ago

She will be broke and struggling begging for handouts within 5 years. Loser! Her 5 minutes of fame lasted waaaaaay to long!

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lukebandit:  1237 days ago

5 years? Try 5 minutes. Can't believe People mag put her on the cover for this weekend, the 10th anniversary of 9/11!!! Her ego will be bigger than ever now! How in the heck did Kate Conyer of People Magazine pull that one off?

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ksus:  1237 days ago

maybe if she stopped getting all the hair extensions, spray tans, and other beauty treatments, she could pay the tuition for the kids school. at some point, surely she will realize that its the kids that are important......not her.

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Manda:  1237 days ago

Obviously people don'*****ch the show. She has another vehicle that she drives the kids around in. One that fits all of them.

And people need to just chill the heck out regarding this family. How about you start focusing on families that are not in the news. Whose kids are neglected, beaten, starved. These kids are well taken care of. They are always happy. They get everything they need.

There are tons of parents at the play ground (and I know I have two kids) that take care of their selves just like Kate does. Tans, hair cuts, extensions, and no one is attacking them. She's a mother but also a woman. The kids are old enough now that she can devote time to herself.

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She's baaaack:  1237 days ago

When Kate's funds dry up she'll go back to begging for "love offerings" like they used to do at their church. What's the problem?

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Not a sheeple...:  1237 days ago

Manda :

Yes she has another car that I agree with but the kids are not happy and they don't get everything they need..... like a normal mom not a self obsessed, self-absorbed witch who never minded humiliating them on tv... for her gain, her tan, her extensions....

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Sophie:  1237 days ago

What a moron!

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Ann:  1237 days ago

Thank God that show is over. Maybe Steve will take care of her now; after all she took care of him.

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Susie:  1237 days ago

Does you have a tattoo just above her ankle??

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Erock:  1237 days ago

This B@#$ is to much. She has eight kids and she buys a sports car!! What do you except from a ego maniac. All you idiots who bought her book and watched her pathetic show are supporting a sad excuse for a human. You should be proud as she is for selling out her kids for fame. Good job Kate!!! she'll have a new show in 5 years, Kate plus her f@#$% up eight.

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Karmagal:  1237 days ago

HOLY HELL YOU have gotta be kidding me. This bit ch is such a liar that I cant stand it. She is crying POOR yet again ( like she did when she went on the Today show last year ) and she is
"freakin out" oh yea this is really freakin on right? Dumb bit ch

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Susie:  1237 days ago

Does she now sport a tattoo just above her ankle??

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barbra:  1237 days ago

maybe you should have saved/invested the millions you made off the show for just this event happening. Instead hair extensions, nails, bodyguards, and shopping won out. Welcome to reality like everyone else does.

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justin:  1237 days ago

That is only a 10k car used. and that isn't the new model! Dude, she has worked her ass off, her life isn't easy, 8 kids, a loser of an ex husband, she has every right to buy herself something. She is a smart business woman, her whole image is a "single mom", and she has made millions off of it, don't be fooled Hollywood is an illusion,if you think this stuff is real you have issues. She has a lot of money, and will see lots of it in the future, her dvd sales do well, her books still sale, and other products and promotions she has done are in circuit. Don't hate her because she knows how to jump on a Money boat and cash in, I'm a nurse, and if I could do her work instead of patient care I would!! She couldn't support 8 kids on the salary we have.. Good for her.

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