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Nicole Richie Slams Jessica Simpson Feud Rumors

The so-called feud between Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson on the set of their new reality show is anything but real ... this according to Richie herself.

While a source tells Us Magazine that there is "definite friction" between the two on the set of "Fashion Star" and Nicole "makes snarky comments about Jessica's outfits," Richie insists there's no ill-will between them.

"That couldn't be further from the truth," Nicole told Ryan Seacrest earlier today, "I actually love and adore Jessica. I've known her for years ... she is someone who's very kind, very sweet and extremely smart."

Richie also says that Simpson is "a great business woman and someone that I really respect ... I actually couldn't love someone or respect someone more."

You buying her praise? Sound off below.

Comments (8)

Keith:  1241 days ago

Whooooo cares!

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yuny:  1241 days ago

she said Jessica is smart so she is clearly been sarcastic lol

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Patti:  1241 days ago

Don't you all know that there is no reality in reality TV! These "rumors" just act as promotion for their shows! The audience can't all be so naive, can they?

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Deep South:  1241 days ago

Nicole seems to be pretty down to earth as far as celb's go, never did care for the untalented Jessica. And whats with all these comments that are just selling stuff ? This is the last place I would look if I wanted to buy clothing, ect.

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a:  1241 days ago

blah blah blah...yawn

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Cat:  1241 days ago

Anyone who calls Jessica Simpson extremely smart is obviously being sarcastic.

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LIZZY:  1241 days ago

anyone that calls Jess stupid Obviously dosent know her stock worth!!

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Jennifer D:  1238 days ago

I cannot wait until the time when people finally realize that Jessica is not worth multi millions because she is dumb. That persona worked for her when she was in the Newlyweds reality show. She is so nothing like it in real like. She likes to laugh, but not one dumb that about this business woman. It was an act when she was young and yes it got her rich, now she is using her brain to create an empire. I admire her. Nothing anyone says and ignorantly implies will ever change my mind.

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