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'Bachelor Pad' Spoiler: Did Vienna & Kasey Win?

The finale of "Bachelor Pad" just wrapped up on the East Coast, bringing an end to another debaucherous season of the ABC summer reality show.

So ... did Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl win? The answer: Nope!

The winners this season were former couple Holly Durst and Michael Stagliano, nabbing a $250,000 prize.

The two will split the money $125,000 each ... as Holly found herself engaged to another housemate by the end of the episode.

Blake Julian popped the question to Durst on air, and she accepted. Check back tomorrow morning for the video.

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LT:  1234 days ago

she wasn't proposed to on air........they told mike about it on air...they were engaged earlier in the week...just sayin...

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jstickley:  1234 days ago

What a cheap shot!

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todd:  1234 days ago

well LT, actually she was proposed to on air earlier in the week, it was still on air, and also michael found out on air...just sayin

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Heidi:  1234 days ago

It made me really mad when they 'filmed' the engagement and then blindsided Michael. I felt like Blake proposed just in time to get it on the finale, NOT because they were ready. Holly showed how foolish she is by accepting an on-camera proposal -what, three months after they began dating? Of course neither can list one thing about the other that bothers them. Everything is still in la la land.
In a way, for Michael I'd love for her to come crawling back and see them get married but in another way I want Michael to have someone more sure and stable and how many chances can you give someone?

If I were Michael I would have said Keep. He could have said it may sound bitter but she got love, he got a broken heart and had to live in the same house as Holly and Blake snuggled and flirted right in front of his he could say, well congrats to you for finding love, I wish you well, but I'm taking the money. I guess that is not in his nature but MAN. I watched Blake when Michael was explaining his decision and Blake looked so pissed off. I honestly felt like Blake was saying 'oh man I got engaged for NOTHING'. He was the ultimate prostitute to get his hands on the money and it makes me sick to think well, now he's got it. Ugh.

On a totally different note, why did they say nothing about Ella's drastic transformation? It was like an elephant in the room everytime they showed her face. Honestly I thought she was more unique and beautiful before, but I was more upset because she was always so weepy about her finances and her son, but somehow she afforded a whole new face and body?

And also, what is going on with Ames? I felt for Jackie.

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makaela:  1234 days ago

i cant believe the that little tramp hooly would do that too micheal she lied to his face i hope she get***** by a bus.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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