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New 'Two and a Half Men' Opener -- Ashton 'Sings' Theme!

Adios Charlie Sheen!

CBS just released the first video of Ashton Kutcher with the guys from "Two and a Half Men," taking Charlie's place and "singing" in the show's "Men, Men, Men, Men, Manly Men" open in front of the red curtain.


How do you think Ashton fits in with Angus T. Jones and Jon Cryer? Do you prefer the original with Charlie?

The show comes back September 19.

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Shelly Smith:  1146 days ago

This solidifies Kutcher as a complete douchebag!!!

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leon:  1146 days ago

Hello railways we have a train that has run off the tracks. I give the show a week before it gets cancelled. No Matter what two things are certain, Charlie Sheen can Handle his drugs and fame, and secondly chuck lorre is a hypocrite and a hack. Sorry but from that opening looks like someone took this show out back and shot it.

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Ashton:  1145 days ago

Hey Charlie, that's two comments...One per person please :)

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ANDI:  1145 days ago


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honeybee:  1145 days ago

Love it... I qui*****ching the show because I was sick of Charlie Sheen and Charlie Harper...I think Ashton will bring in a much needed breath of fresh air...can't wait...

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Tomasina:  1145 days ago

Well,Charlie, sorry to see you go, but your actions were uncalled for; you only thought about yourself - I believe that is called being a Sociopath. I have seen other shows which I thought would fail when a lead actor left, only to find out I like the new actor better. I think that Jon Cryer really held that show together - he was acting - Charlie wasn't. That was his true colors. Looking forward to seeing the new show.

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Best Mom:  1145 days ago

They couldn't come up with a new song??

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jen02:  1145 days ago

the show will crash and burn without charlie i hate the decision to get rid of him i will never watch two and half men again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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debschira :  1145 days ago

i agree with honeybee and tomasina. at least Ashton has a "true smile"

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Shelly Smith:  1145 days ago

Just a you suppose there's a reason the Kutcher character took over the 1/2 (half) men spot in the singing line up? Is he now the pubescent child (i.e. Kelso) instead of "Jake" in the show? I betcha!!! I am not a die-hard Charlie Sheen fan but Chuck Lorre went to Sheen with the idea for this show based on Sheen's life. If the whole show was based on Sheen .....what remains? A producer with an ego?

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Fan:  1145 days ago

Not the best. I'm not a fan of Charlie Sheen but I believe that his character made the show. Sorry Ashton.

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Lorraine:  1145 days ago

GREAT! Can't wait for Sept. 19. I'm just thrilled for Ashton, and for the cast and crew of the show (that they got to keep their jobs)! Thank you Chuck, for putting that DB Charlie in his proper place...straight to DVD indie schlock, just like he used to.

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Marianela:  1145 days ago

It's not gonna be the same without charlie! :(

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Paul G:  1145 days ago

Painful to watch and hear. Ashton screeches like a little girl and looks like a pedofile after that little girl (or 1/2 man, who knows).

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Jose:  1145 days ago

I have an idea fire Chuck bring back Charlie

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