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New 'Two and a Half Men' Opener -- Ashton 'Sings' Theme!

Adios Charlie Sheen!

CBS just released the first video of Ashton Kutcher with the guys from "Two and a Half Men," taking Charlie's place and "singing" in the show's "Men, Men, Men, Men, Manly Men" open in front of the red curtain.


How do you think Ashton fits in with Angus T. Jones and Jon Cryer? Do you prefer the original with Charlie?

The show comes back September 19.

Comments (76)

jen:  1236 days ago

i think charlie was better the show will crash and burn without charlie sheen i watched the show the whole time and now im not going to watch it

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Camilla:  1236 days ago

I Love Ashton!!! I can't wait for the season to begin!

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poochie:  1235 days ago

That sucks! Casting Ashton was the single worst idea ever. He can only play on type of character. It is just Kelso instead of Charlie.

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Smelly Schitt:  1235 days ago


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Fryreyesonly:  1235 days ago

The above person needs to have some rescue remedy or Ritalin lol settle down.

Ashton is the man! Great voice but let's have's needing the same length as the previous so not sounding cut to soon maybe?
He's going to be great! It would be nice to see Charlie show up at times like they do in the soaps. Making him "expire" on the show ,not sure that's the way - if everyone could handle it without flipping out and making a deeper drama send him off with some babe who holds him captive or something lol don't cut the connection.
Ashton will make it beyond words hilarious, viewers will want more! Looking forward to seeing the new episode : )

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Pink:  1235 days ago

I hope this show gets cancelled, then they can realize it's not the same without Charlie Sheen

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Jon:  1235 days ago

Aston bring new energy to the show

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Carol J:  1235 days ago

Who bought that too-tight shirt for Ashton? Bad, bad choice -- of shirt.

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Jonny Canuck:  1235 days ago

Can't wait to see the new version. I had to qui*****ching the show because Charlie Sheen is such a horrid actor.

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camaguey:  1235 days ago

Is that it? Is that for real? I thought it was a joke! That's the song? HE'S HORRIBLE! Did Grandma Demmi lend her voice for it? HE'S HORRIBLE! I wish Charlie Sheen all the best!!! And you know what? It seems to me that Jon Cryer (sp?) is all over Ashton, like can't laugh more at what he says, huddle up close to him. MAN UP, IDIOT! What an ungrateful guy. I hope your ex-wife takes you for all you have!!! Ingrate!

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CD:  1235 days ago

The last season was very hard to watch Charlie. The twitching, the gravely voice and boney face was just too awful and always reminded me of another failing, drugged out actor .... Danny Bonaduce!! I stopped watching last season and now look forward to a fresh new take on the show!

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MYRA:  1235 days ago

I think that song sucks ! they should've chamged it or atleast made it soind more in tune.

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Anita Mann:  1235 days ago

you DO realize they aren't really singing??

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Sharon27:  1235 days ago

Im really ooking forward to seeing the new show! Ashton doesnt have the best voice in the world but i think he can make it. Lets stop judging and see the outcome of this huge "bye bye charlie" drama.

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jeff:  1235 days ago

I still think that Herb and Judith should have split, Then have Herb move in with Allen.

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