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New 'Two and a Half Men' Opener -- Ashton 'Sings' Theme!

Adios Charlie Sheen!

CBS just released the first video of Ashton Kutcher with the guys from "Two and a Half Men," taking Charlie's place and "singing" in the show's "Men, Men, Men, Men, Manly Men" open in front of the red curtain.


How do you think Ashton fits in with Angus T. Jones and Jon Cryer? Do you prefer the original with Charlie?

The show comes back September 19.

Comments (76)

2perfect:  1166 days ago

I am not a fan of Charlie but I really think the show is not going anywhere without him. The entire show was all about him. As for the song that was awful if they were going to do the same they should have made Ashton's voice deeper and just kept it the same or change the song! NOT LOOKING GOOD IN MY EYES!

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Chris:  1166 days ago

Charlie screwed up with his endless public incoherent rants against Chuck Lorre. They had no choice but to dump him. But they weren't ready to dump the show since it was still a money maker, even though Angus is grown, and no longer a "Half" man so to speak. The show had just about run its course. They are all desperate to hang on to their gravy train, so they're hoping the public will buy this. I don't think so. And killing Charlie in a gruesome way is insane. It probably makes Chuck Lorre feel good to kill Charlie in a horrible way, but it's a slap in the face to fans of the show who made the show popular because WE LIKED CHARLIE! Since it's all fake anyway, those big CREATIVE MINDS did not have to give him a gruesome death. It will make a lot of fans turn away thinking that Charlie died a gruesome death but the comedy still goes on. Bad move Chuck. Should have written him out in a way that would have turned us against Charlie. Now we'll just feel sorry for him. You both (Charlie and Chuck) blew this one BIG TIME. Charlie - you lost a great gig. Chuck - well, you'll see when the ratings come in. FIRST SHOW - HUGE RATINGS, of course. But week after week, I'm betting they go into free-fall.

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Fran:  1166 days ago

I know Charlie Sheen is an ass but sitting here watching two and a half men I realize the show will not be the same without him. Ashton Kutcher is funny but the hole might be just too big for him to fill.

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Ryan:  1166 days ago

I loved the show when Charlie was in it. But I'm not stupid enough to say the show is **** before it has aired i would rather it had a chance than to dismiss it before it started. Ashton is a great actor and so are John Cryer and Angus T. Jones. Give the show a chance, if it is ACTUALLY crap start going into one like you are now. I reckon it will remain the same, no better, no worse, but different like a fresh start. Which, to be honest is what the show was going to need any ways. Charlie didnt want to be there it made him unhappy, be thankful that you still have amazing actors working on the show.

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Amy:  1166 days ago

Kutcher looks HORRIBLE in this bad "knock off" promo. He looks like an extra from the Geico caveman commercials. The show was written around Charlie Sheen and his life which was well known by Chuck Lorre, Warner Brothers and CBS well prior to the show going on air, and all 3 make millions upon millions for the Sheen "Men" shows running in syndication which are the highest rated in the USA right now showing Sheen's popularity even with all his antics. I know the new version of "Men" will do well due to it's night and curiosity to see it without Sheen. Quite frankly, it was Sheen/Jon Cryer's "Harper" brothers chemistry that kept me watching since season one, and I won't be tuning in beyond the first episode. I feel for Jon Cryer as he has to step back and watch as Kutcher has been shoved down our throats by the network over the past several weeks. At the very least, Cryer has earned his place now, but he's side-lined by Kutcher which is a shame. Color me not interested in Two and a Half Men anymore. Where's Charlie?

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ren:  1166 days ago

This is so bad. For the first time everyone is going to see what a no talent this new guy is. I'm glad it will finally be seen.

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Jude:  1166 days ago

It's awesome! I like the sarcasm on Ashtons face. He must be actually singing. After seeing syndacated shows of "Punked", I found out just how funny he is! Great impromptude. I'll watch, for sure. And I may DVR the roast. That will be repeated on Comedy Central for a while. No rush to see that. . .

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Cheryl:  1166 days ago

Wow--I know other shows have had their main star replaced in the past. But Charlie Sheen is Charlie Harper and I loved his sarcastic dry sense of humor. Ashton tires me out---always "on" like Jim Carey and Robin Williams. Hate that the whole thing went down like it did but the show will not be the same without Charlie (Sheen and Harper).

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Jude:  1165 days ago

Hey Cheryl, Charlie wasn't one of the writers, he just said what the writers wrote (kudos to the writing staff). . . and he was "ON" all right. . . .crack!

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kco:  1165 days ago

this suck

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npr:  1165 days ago

Everyone is getting their "knickers in a tight twist" This show may turn out better then we think. Remember, when Seinfeld started out, everyone thought the show "stunk" . . . then it caught on. The new Two and 1/2 Men may have a completely different theme to it. Watch the song promo a few times and I think you will realize it is really no worse/no better then the other one. I am not saying I am not going to miss Charlie . . . he was great and I was upset that he was fired but there was obviously issues and it is what it is. I am going to watch the new show a few times and then if I don't like it, that will be it and I will find something else to amuse me.

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jimbo:  1165 days ago

I agree with what somebody said earlier, it was hard to watch Charlie all twitchy and boney. I liked him in the show and that's why I watched. The last few episodes where painful and I stopped watching because of it.

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Kaveman:  1165 days ago

AWESOME! Anyone who says otherwise has ulterior motives, such they sympathize with that drug abusing #LOSER named Charlie!

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byebyebaby:  1165 days ago

Is it just me or does Ashton come off completely CREEPY!!!!

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Cheryl:  1165 days ago

Jude--Charlie Sheen wasn't a writer but the show was modeled after his life of hookers, porn stars, booze etc. The only thing left off was his drug use. It was his life on the small screen.

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