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New 'Two and a Half Men' Opener -- Ashton 'Sings' Theme!

Adios Charlie Sheen!

CBS just released the first video of Ashton Kutcher with the guys from "Two and a Half Men," taking Charlie's place and "singing" in the show's "Men, Men, Men, Men, Manly Men" open in front of the red curtain.


How do you think Ashton fits in with Angus T. Jones and Jon Cryer? Do you prefer the original with Charlie?

The show comes back September 19.

Comments (76)

Pamela:  1231 days ago

For a long time I couldn'*****ch this show. Watching C. Sheen treat every woman as no more important to him that the next station on his remote was not for me. This ad did catch my attention though. I was pleased from the start with the placement of the actors. I liked to see a grown up Angus T. Jones begin the singing. He looks very cute. I also liked that he was placed across from Jon Cryer, his TV dad, representing them as a unit. Of course Ashon Kutcher popping up in the back was perfect. He is the new addition after all. He also looks adorable. I'm not a fan of the hair but that's just me. I might return to being a fan of the show. I am for sure going to wait and see and give it a try.

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carissa:  1231 days ago

Hey guys, remember the success of Spin City? Remember when Michael left and was replaced with some one totally douchier, named CHARLIE SHEEN??? Maybe the same can work in reverse, who knows right! show sucked anyway.

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Pua:  1231 days ago

Paint that pig any way you want. Even as a strange and off center crazy, Charlie Sheen made the show what it was and will ever be. Ashton Krutcher may be all that, but the show ended with Charlie, like it or not.

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Tiff:  1231 days ago

Oh. Dear. God!

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Edith:  1231 days ago

I don't know why people are hating so much if they haven't even watch the show yet! besides I think that Charlie was getting to old for the character, he is not the lady's man he used to be anymore, Ashton is what the show needed a new young, handsome face for the part

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Tammy:  1231 days ago

I agree the show will be cancelled in no time

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Caligirl:  1231 days ago

Personally I have every intention of giving Ashton a chance but I will really miss Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper.
I hope, REALLY hope that the character isn't too KELSO or the STUPID/DIMWIT behavior most of Ashtons characters generally play. He's done too few movie's that I actually like but alas, we must give the guy a chance.
The opener, I agree, sucks.

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SKay:  1231 days ago

Love it!!!!! I posted it to my Facebook for all my friends to see!!!! A week my foot. HA I cannot wait to see the new shows!!!

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Kaveman:  1231 days ago

Kutcher look absolutely GREAT! I didn'*****ch Two and a Half Men before, despite all the rave, because I can't stand egotistical losers like Charlie Sheen. And when I say loser, I cannot not think of one bigger than him.

I will definitely be watching.

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Jenn:  1231 days ago

Ashton looks like a total tool. Nice having him take Jake's original spot.

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Vicki:  1231 days ago

Whatever you say about Charlie he was the only one who made me laugh out loud every time I watched the show!! A incredible cast that will never be again sorry Ashton I wont be watching.

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Cee:  1231 days ago

ASHTON SUCKS!!!! Plus he looks like a retard

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jenn:  1231 days ago

Ashton looks homeless...if hes stepping into Charlies roll, isn't he supposed to be rich? The show won't last long. I just can't bring myself to watch the show...and seeing how it will start now, lame sauce. They could have tried to change it up a little and at least created a new 26 second jingle.

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Linda:  1231 days ago

The show won't be the same without Charlie but I bet it will be great with Ashton! Good luck to all, including Charlie...

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Deb:  1231 days ago

Ashton looks like a scruffy bum. He can't sing. Hello Ashton, Goodbye 2 & 1/2 Men.
Agree with Paul G. & Shelly Smith.
My opinion is the show will suck.

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