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Victoria Beckham Goes Shopping with Baby Harper

Harper Seven Beckham is going to be one stylish little girl -- and yesterday, her famous mom brought her to one of fashion's fanciest stores: Prada.

Victoria Beckham was spotted on Sunday carrying her adorable two-month-old into the fashion house's NY store on 5th Avenue, where they were seen passing by a huge wall of shoes.

Victoria is clearly confident in heels -- carrying Harper around in some insane Loubuotins.

Harper is getting quite the fashionista's tour of New York during her first visit, which coincides with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week -- where Victoria had a show on Saturday.

Check out Victoria's latest collection below:


Comments (5)

John Simkins:  1238 days ago

As a parent of a newborn, Who really goes out carrying a 2 month old? wheres the diaper bag and change of clothes. im sure people are close by with them but in all the photos none are present, makes it seem its easy to just go out with a baby shopping in new york. What a joke.

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d taylor:  1237 days ago

Oh please stop ******* hatin, we know it is not easy to shop with a two month old but dam, she is a star she has help. You don't see the help in the picture because the paparazzi isn't trying to capture them that's why smh.

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SilverTabby:  1237 days ago

I can't imagine shopping in those shoes with any size baby. I'd be afraid I'd trip and drop her.

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ageeb:  1236 days ago

معجب بعرض الازياء

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grace:  1236 days ago

I think Victoria is a Diva and she is able to balance work, play and family. She is a great Mom, who wouldn't want to go and show off their bundle of joy if given the opportunity? I am a mom of 4 and I think this mom looks great! Ladies lets not be hatin' and give praise where it is due. Wow, Victoria we are proud of you. enjoy!

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