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Kardashian Sisters Cheer On Kylie Jenner's Runway Show!

Kylie Jenner had some hardcore cheerleaders in the front row as she walked her first runway last night for Avril Lavigne's Abbey Dawn clothing line: Her superstar sisters!

Kim Kardashian, her husband Kris Humphries and sisters Kourtney and Kendall all sat right up front as Kylie made her Fashion Week debut for Avril's punk clothing line.

The sisters were out of their seats, shouting at 14-year-old Kylie every time she hit the runway, looking proud of their little sis and taking personal photos the entire time.

Also cheering her on: Step-brother Brody Jenner, who also just happens to date designer Avril. What a coincidence, right?

The accolades poured in after the show, with Kim tweeting "She was so fab!" and Kourtney adding "@KylieJenner rocked it walking in Avril's Abbey Dawn show! So much fun!!!!

Brody commented as well, tweeting "Just saw walk in the fashion show!.. She looked beautiful and was such a natural. Proud to be her brother :)"

Check out all the runway pics above!

Comments (24)

jb:  1237 days ago

GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just what the world needs another one of THEM!!!!!!!!

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Nicole:  1237 days ago

Brody is her half brother not step. They share the same dad.

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M:  1237 days ago

She might be able to wear the clothes... but DAMN she ain't pretty!!! Nice to be cast in your BROTHER'S G.F.'s "fashion" show.....

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BOO:  1237 days ago

Brody is her half-brother, they share the same dad.

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Jackie:  1237 days ago

Anyone notice that Kris isn't wearing a wedding ring?..Hmm!!

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danie:  1237 days ago

Quit Hating she's a little girl, everyone needs to quit being jealous and appreciate that this little girl was brave enough to strut her stuff most people would never get the chance. Way too goo Kylie u rocked it and looked beautiful. Good luck and can't wait to see you in more in the future!!! :) don't let the haters bring you down be happy that your so important in their lives:)

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Chickeeta:  1237 days ago

I'm sure if she toned down the raccoon eyes she'd be a somewhat pretty girl but nothing special. She's like an emo verion of Valerie Bertinelli. The other one is more suited for modeling. Sorry Kylie.

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DiamondLil:  1237 days ago

Doesn't anyone else think it's uncanny how much (all these girls) look alike,.....GAWD! Kris Jenner,.....what did you do that these gals ALL look so much alike? Wow ! Kylie you are just a little doll,....good luck with your career. Just hope you are brighter and less shallow than Kim, have such a great potential.

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MIKE:  1237 days ago

How long before her sex tape comes out?When she turns 16+ a day?This hole family are discusting.

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Debra:  1237 days ago

Isnt Brody Kylie's half brother not step brother? Bruce is her dad.??

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IMeanWhat:  1237 days ago

Oh, Kourtney - the hair, the make-up, what else? This look definitely makes it onto our Not Best Dressed List

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Bev:  1237 days ago

Wow she looks like Kloe. Lucky girl..

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the truth:  1237 days ago

kourt has been looking like grandma. i hate her look and everything about her. shes nothing but a NAG! she does look like Khloe. shes a cute girl but dont grow up to fast.i have a feeling shes gonna be the bad girl of the bunch when she gets older. why isn't Kris wearing his wedding ring? LOL! is he done with Kim already? she wants everything PERFECT. i could never b with someone like that. whats going on with Khloe? she looks sad all the time when i see her in pictures. or is she to busy with her show? just seems like somethings wrong with her.JMO

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debschira :  1237 days ago

@Jackie, i noticed Kris wasn't wearing one, but Kim sure likes to hang her hand so the world can see the rock that she paid for!! AND @Chickeeta I agree Kendall really looks more suited for it. Hope all this doesn't come off mean but WE ARE ASKED FOR OUR "TWO CENTS" EH?

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kinda:  1237 days ago

I'm surprised Kris Jenner doesn't have these children on Toddlers & Tiaras. She certainly looks a lot older than 14 - maybe 20!

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