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Anderson Cooper Strips, Gets Spray Tanned with Snooki!

Anderson Cooper knows how to get people to tune into his new show.

The now-daytime talk show host kicked off his new series, "Anderson," this week -- and on yesterday's episode, he stripped off his shirt, showed off his body and agreed to get spray tanned, "Jersey Shore" style!

Cooper was seen getting tanned with Snooki, who was surprised about Anderson's physique.

"I had no idea that Mr. Anderson has muscles ... he had like a huge, peanut muscle. It was cool," she exclaimed ... adding, "You look like Ronnie!"

Check out the ridiculous clip above!

Comments (18)

laneyssis:  1230 days ago

So much for credibility as a “Journalist.” What the hell are you thinking Anderson? No one will ever take you seriously again. No wonder I never watch CNN.

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Philip:  1230 days ago

he's very Hot, but shaves his pits! That's gross.

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Philip:  1230 days ago

He's hot but he SHAVES HIS ARMPITS! Tragic.

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Bippy:  1230 days ago

He just wanted to show his "T.E.A.T.S." OFF!! -See that they are going to get some make-up!!

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Tricia:  1230 days ago

I love him! Shaved armpits and all.

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DiamondLil:  1230 days ago

I have been a fan of Anderson's for years, the very first tome was when he hoste a eries called 'The Mole'. From that to CNN 360...,....not a bad jump I'd say. Coming from the family that he does(his mom is fashinista Gloria Vanderbilt, I thought he would be much more of a snob AND a snot.When he came unraveled doing a story on Gerard urinating on the plane,...he was too cute.He is a master newscaster,....what's wrong with him having a a few lighter moments. I was especially surprised he could communicate with Snooki,....Anderson speaks english.

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beni:  1230 days ago

hes such a dumb loser

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John:  1230 days ago

Couldn't have dreamed up a more embarrassing situation for Anderson.
He, the man who refused to say the name "Pari******on" on-air when she went to jail. So that's what Andy Warhol looks like with his shirt off? Desperate start for this show.

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Dino :  1230 days ago

I guess everyone bare these days to get some attention so what else is new.
I love Andersoon in CNN but I'm not sure if this talk show fit well with him own persona!

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If sense were common everyone would have it.:  1230 days ago

Did he giggle like a little girl then too? That is just SO gay! ;)

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John:  1230 days ago

This is really a shame for a former respected journalist. Take the money and run Anderson!

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mroeder:  1230 days ago

I found his new show to be marginal- I do think he is a good reporter-

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ARM PITT:  1230 days ago

NOT shaving your armpits IS EVEN MORE GROSS and DISGUSTING!

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Jason:  1229 days ago

I want to be Snooki's tanning buddy.

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