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'Big Brother' -- Who Won Season 13?

Nobody gets between Rachel and her $500,000!

She may be one of the most annoying HouseGuests in "Big Brother" history, but there's no doubt Rachel Reilly deserved to win Season 13 last night -- and she did just that.

While Rachel, Porsche and Adam went into the finale as potential victors, Adam was the first to go, leaving the two ladies to face the jury.

Shelly's tie-breaking vote sealed Rachel's fate as winner.

You may hate her ... but with four Head of Household victories, 2 Power of Veto wins and a fiance who was evicted from the house ... twice ... the feisty red-head really played the game.

Are you happy with the winner? Sound off below!

Comments (22)

Ann:  1234 days ago

now will she go away since she has the money? she is one caddy, mean-spirited, hateful girl.

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TerryLea:  1234 days ago

I will never watch Big Brother again. It was so contrived and scripted. Everything the house guests said in the diary room, shown on the show, appeared like they were reading it and most of them are not good readers nor good actors. I had the live feeds and the way production edited the show barely resembled what really happened. It was obvious from the beginning that production was going to do whatever it took to promote Jeff and Jordan being furthered in the game and they certainly weren't going to let Rachel leave because they deemed her important for ratings. They needed Rachel to remain in the game because the rest of the house guests were so boring and dull, viewers needed a reason to keep watching. What a farce. The most rotten, disgusting person on the show this year deserved to win because it was the most disgusting season in Big Brother history. Congratulations, to Rachel, the Queen of Disgusting. She certainly deserved it.

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chartman:  1234 days ago

so happy rachel won, can't believe skank porscha was in the final two, but then if she weren't it would have been adam who turned out to be a liar did not keep his word about voting for the person who won last hoh. guess skank porscha must have rubbed him a little and bent over in his face to show him her fake boobs. plus porscha won 5,000 that she kinda kept quiet. rachel had to deal with these two floaters for a long time, for that she deserved to win. CONGRATULATIONS.

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TerryLea:  1234 days ago

@ chartman....I never saw Porsche having sex live on camera or giving anyone a ******** for millions to see like brazen, skanky Rachel. lol

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Kim:  1234 days ago

Can't stand that red headed cry baby. Geez what a disappointment.

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KG:  1234 days ago

She is very deserving of the money and a great player. Love her.

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Rick:  1234 days ago

I had never watched Big Brother before and won't again. Danielle was right. Rachel was lucky it wasn't a personality contest. Serena could have been talking to Rachel. Evil, ugly on the inside. This kind of person needs payback, not to be the winner. "I'm sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings." PLEASE! She is just a nasty person.

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Carol R:  1234 days ago

What a crock of crap! Will never watch the show again. I agree with the othe comments that it was likely contrived, thereby meaning the producers had decided early on who was going to win. No one with half a brain would pick that whiny idiot to continue on in the show, let alone win. Reality TV isn't real and probably never has been. When we stop watching this crap, they will be forced to create different things for us.

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Faith Cochran:  1234 days ago

Congratulations Rachel. You might not have been the most like person in the house, but you played the best game. Can't wait until next summer.

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Mare:  1234 days ago

Rachel definately deserved to win. She played and against all odds managed to thwart all attempts to get her out. Once Brendon was gone from the house Rachel was more likeable. Porcha on the other hand did nothing but have a couple of well placed wins, she did not deserve to win. Really who stays in a house with someone and not talk to them for 59 day, Por*****hats who. Great job Rachel!

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Christy:  1234 days ago

Hated Rachel her season but loved loved her this
season, she played the best game and deserved to take home the beacon to her man. Yea Yea Yea

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Johnny Jones:  1234 days ago

Rachel is the most undeserving person in the world, she is the cruliest person mean spirited and so ungodly ugly inside and out, like danielle said why would you reward some scank dog with all that money for being so nasty to people? Think about it you fools! Jordan you were the biggest fool because she was steady trying to get you and Jeff out of the house what a bunch of ding dongs. Jeff you are the biggest baby of them all i really did enjoy you @ one time but you are a winer and thought you were above being put on the block. Look where you ended up. Thanks Shelly for giving Rachel that money would she have done it for u...NO

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Ging:  1234 days ago

I would have liked to see Porsche win, because newbies never had a even chance in the BB game. I have watched BB since season 1, and the more seasons they have the more BB productions tell them what to say, etc., and as far as our votes count, then show results of them as voting is going. When you are hiding them, I question the reason.
Still congrads to Rachel--now get a roof overtop your and Bren's heads.

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Missy:  1233 days ago

Loved Rachel this season. Any mean spirited thing she said she did it to peoples faces. However, the the mean bitches did all their henfest hidden away....mostly in the hoh room.

So happy Rachel won, she worked her ass off for that win and totally deserved it.

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Katie:  1233 days ago

Rachel so deserved to win !!Why wouldnt she who deserved Porscha???Kalia???Adam????Rachel is her own person and dont care who likes her thats why I love Rachel and was a true competitor!!!!Good job Rachel

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