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Report: Three NY 'Housewives' Get the Boot

"Real Housewives of New York" is getting a facelift -- because three members of the reality show cast have reportedly been handed pink slips for the next season!

Kelly Bensimon, Alex McCord and Jill Zarin all got the boot from the show earlier today, according to The Huffington Post. The women were all called directly this morning -- and were blindsided by the news.

TooFab reached out to Bravo for comment, but they told us "These decision have not been finalized."

With those three gone, that leaves only LuAnn de Lesseps, Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan, but LuAnn recently said three new ladies would be joining the cast.

According to HuffPo, if the three new cast members don't work out the ousted "Housewives" could be "reinstated."

UPDATE: On her Twitter, Alex writes "Speaking for myself only, there is no decision yet whether I'm in or out of #RHONY -Nothing's finalized, though I'd like to do another year."

Jill also tells TooFab "Jill has not been fired from The Real Housewives of New York City. The truth is that Jill is still in discussions with Bravo for season 5 and hasn't made a final decision about returning to the show."

What do you think of the reported shakeup? Will you miss Kelly, Jill and Alex?

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dre:  1232 days ago

I will mix Alex, NOT B*tch Jill or Crazy A** Kelly. Does anyone like Jill?

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Lee:  1232 days ago

Good Bye and Good Riddance Kelly!!!!

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realityhw:  1232 days ago

I am so happy to see Jill (the MEAN LYING one) and Kelly (the CRAZY one) leave the show.

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Emmitt:  1232 days ago

Kelly needed to go she is one two faced person

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RHHB:  1232 days ago

Consider it a stroke of luck ...these three ladies can assume now they escaped the curse of : FORECLOSURE,DIVORCE,AFFAIRS and public humiliation. I loved watching the train wrecks these woman create once tapped a Real housewife . Get back to your Real lives and run as fast as you can away from the wrecks you left behind on these shows.

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Tiffany:  1232 days ago

Kelly is crazy and annoying and Jill is super boring...I will miss Alex not being on the show...I love how she irritates the other women...actually they should have given Luanne the boot as well!!!

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Melin:  1232 days ago

I hope Bravo reconsiders and KEEPS ALEX. She's fun now that she's gotten her "voice". So glad Kelly & Jill are gone. They're just nasty for no good reason. Too bad the fake "Countess" wasn't the 3rd one ousted. She was a nightmare last season. Luann made it hard to watch. Soooo condescending. And if I hear her new boyfriend bark like a seal one more time, I'm flipping channels for good.

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claudia :  1232 days ago

Will miss Alex hope Bathanny can come back soon.

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Palm Beach, FL:  1232 days ago

Where I live Jill and LuAnn would be eaten alive.The ladies in South Florida or should I say
Palm Beach, would stick them black and white uniforms and make serve H'orderves, that is if there are any left after Jill.

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pammers:  1232 days ago

I agree with all the others here--get rid of Jill and Kelly--but keep Alex...

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Susan:  1232 days ago

I do no*****ch the show anymore because of Luann & Ramona.

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Sharon:  1232 days ago

SO glad to see toxic Kelly and mean spirited Jill leave the show. Please, stay gone. I will, however, miss Alex. Why not give LuAnn her walking papers, she's a complete phony, trouble maker, wanna be ... new money did NOT buy her class.

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Bu:  1232 days ago

They need to keep ALEX! Bye bye Kelly and Jill don't let the door hit ya!

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realityhw:  1232 days ago

Keep Alex - get rid of Countless LuAnn - she is so phony and she looks like a man in womens clothing. Her voice, her jaw line and those big masculine looking hands.... hmmm - makes you wonder?? Glad to see Jill and Kelly go - they are both overly annoying.

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donna:  1232 days ago

Bravo to Bravo, great choices

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