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Today's Celebrity Birthdays

Leonardo DiCaprio turns 37 today, while Demi Moore gets one step closer to the big 5-0.

See what other stars are celebrating birthdays today, November 11!


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keeping it real:  1215 days ago

She's no Celebrity!

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LittleBIt:  1209 days ago

This girl does have class. She is not the a**hole her sister Paris is.

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lisazthats me:  1200 days ago

Pari******on's sister. I personally know this girl from MD and she is a skank. She has used anyone she can to get her ahead. She is a pretty girl, but this is little between the ears. She has always rode someone else's coat tails, and many times was out getting wasted more than anyone with "class" acts and trying to push her so-called "celebrity" on people. Don't you know who I am? Wish I didn't

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