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Britney Spears Wears Ring Amid Engagement Rumors

Britney Spears really fueled fire to the Jason Trawick engagement rumors yesterday -- when she stepped out in London with a HUGE rock on her ring ringer!

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Though the two denied reports Trawick was planning to propose to the singing superstar, Spears flaunted a giant yellow rock while arriving at BBC Radio 1 on Thursday.

We wouldn't call this a confirmation of an engagement though, as Britney has a history of wearing jewelry on her ring finger.

Get a closer look at the ring above!

Comments (9)

Anne:  1229 days ago

The ring has been on her finger throughout her tour and you can see it in the pictures on her facebook page, if you look close enough. To wear the same ring on your ring finger for over a couple months normally means to me that she's engaged.

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Missy:  1229 days ago

She's just trying to keep the spotlight on her. Why else would she wear a ring yet not confirm anything? It's time to stop. Her fame is over. I'm tired of seeing her try to make a comeback with stunts like this.

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chrissy:  1229 days ago

Yes Missy her fame is over, thats why she has one of the top selling tours of the years and has been honored at 3 award shows. I swear some people need to stop taking stupid pills

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Tristalblair:  1229 days ago

Obviously her fame is not over - since she is selling out concerts. I like her and I hope she is happy. Also, if she is engaged - good for her for keeping it to herself.

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fame:  1229 days ago

her fame is not over BUT her concerts were on groupon for 15 dollars about 2000 seats worth.... hard to not sell out at such a bargain lol & on a famous discount site. Also touring with the new Barbie of hip hip Nicki minaj helps alot. However indeed she still has some fame lingering because she has made history in the US of A. She's just not a sex symbol since she got with the loser federline. I still got love for her country @ss.

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Sandy:  1229 days ago

Jeez Missy.. Relax yourself. I'm happy for her recovery. You should be too. Let it be!

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Julie McCoy:  1229 days ago

Dear Britney,

Nail biting is a nasty habit. Your "engagement ring" would look much better if the end of your fingers were not gnawed off. Please consider a manicure.

Julie McCoy

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bunny:  1229 days ago

Word is, Lindsay gave Britney the ring and told her to hold it for her.

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alexandra_monroe:  1224 days ago

aw brit you look like a tranny with that much foundation on:(. i dont think anyone needs that shiny cake look.

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