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Exclusive: Melissa Rivers Splits With Boyfriend

0916_riversMelissa Rivers has split with her boyfriend Jason Zimmerman, who was featured on her reality show "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best," a source close to the TV personality tells TooFab exclusively.

The two had shared a home in Pacific Palisades, California for two years.

Melissa had left town to make several TV appearances for her website Shoparatti. While she was gone, Jason made appearances on an adult website.

Melissa has no comment at the time, but the situation will play out on her We TV show "Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best."

Melissa's mother, comedy icon Joan Rivers, had this to say about her daughter's ex. "If you're looking for him [on the adult website], search under 'Wee Willy Winkie'"!

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The Maharincess of Franistan:  1227 days ago

Yum! If she's done with him, I'll take him for sure. Damn, he's fine!

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Debs626:  1227 days ago

Joan and her daughter are two disgusting women. I am sorry but either one of these women are attractive in any way, shape or form, two hyprocrites.

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Cheri:  1227 days ago

All I can say is Thank you God, Those two woman are so slimy, yuck.

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Shelby Lynn:  1227 days ago

Damn SAM....he's totally HOT !

I'll take her left over!

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bunny:  1227 days ago

Was he doing a porn spoof pretending to be a certain Baldwin brother? Good, he's gone. He wouldn't marry her and the show was so bad, maybe this will fix it next season.

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Glenda :  1227 days ago

Well I am available if he is !

I don't like either Joan or Melissa. They are two spoiled women and think whatever they've got to say is interesting.

He's better off.

Again I am available.

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Tinalouise:  1227 days ago

What does she do besides live off of mommies money? Her boyfriend looks hot enough but he has a gay vibe about him so who knows.... I am sure trying to live with her wasn't easy either.

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Sena:  1227 days ago

I can't stand to watch the Rivers mother/daughter duo on anything. Both are just ucky. On the other hand, he's rather hot!! I'd try to overlook the fact that he slept with that "woman" and welcome him in my house anyday.

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shle896:  1227 days ago

I think the haters on here are totally confusing Joan Rivers' comedy act with her real life. What a double standard. When Jay Leno or a male comedian says the same types of things, they're funny, but when Joan jokes she's a bitch! Hello, she's a COMEDIAN who always makes fun of herself before anybody else and she doesn't take herself half as seriously as many of you do apparently.

About 15 years ago I was a college intern for "The Joan Rives Show" and I can assure you that Joan is totally sweet and couldn't be nicer. She treated everybody on her show (even unpaid interns like myself) with respect. In fact, she was downright motherly to all of us.

Both Joan and Melissa are educated, hard working and very charitable women who have survived a lot of tragedy in their lives. I find it inspiring that no matter what happens to them, they always get back up and try try again.

It's amazing to me that most of the comments here are so negative towards Joan and Melissa, but totally supportive of a man who apparently is a cheater who trolls the internet for sex. That is messed up.

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Sarahbeth:  1227 days ago

I love Joan and her reactions to life. Love the show as well, so to each their own. He is a nice guy, and was kind to both women. This is sad to me.

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Sarahbeth:  1227 days ago

Finally, some support for the girls...Love it..

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Rafaelle Zuccaro:  1227 days ago

Joan has taught her daughter how to be perfect SLIME BALL as she has been for her existence !! She is morally DECADENT human being that has become famous by destroying live of others!!! She will do and say ANYTHING to get attention- she thrives on it!!!!

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Nancy/Illinois:  1227 days ago

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I love Joan. She makes me laugh so hard, she says what she feels. She says what we all want to say but can't. Love the show too. melissa honey! you can do much better. He seemed like a sponge.

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DiamondLil:  1227 days ago

My goodness, this tall drink of delish taking phone numbers and addresses? Preety think,......does he need someone to do his laundry?

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kelly:  1227 days ago

Good for him. She does not deserve him. Can not stand either woman. They are nothing but smart mouths.

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