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"Toddlers & Tiaras" Star Goes Wild on Live TV

It's always tricky to have kids on live TV -- and the sometimes-poised stars of "Toddlers & Tiaras" are no exception!

5-year-old beauty queen Kalia Deliz, who has appeared on the TLC show before, was on FOX's Studio 11 L.A. earlier this week ... where she showed off more facial expressions than Jim Carrrey.

While reporter Jeff Michael tried his best to keep a straight face while Kalia contorted hers, even he (and the crew) couldn't help but crack up.

It's a hilarious clip -- and we're just happy to see a 5-year-old acting like an actual 5-year-old ... and not dressing like a prostitute.

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Missy:  1231 days ago

LOVE this show! Toddlers & Tiaras is just great.

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Debbie:  1230 days ago

TOO Cute!!

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sWOW!:  1230 days ago

she acts like a trained monkey.. no real emotions just the ones she has been taught are cute or get good marks from the judges.

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bunny:  1230 days ago

The first time I was on tv, I did that too. They have a little monitor that shows her so she's looking at herself making impressions. Too bad this is the most innocent thing that's come from that tv show and this isn't even that tv show.

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Maria Marie:  1230 days ago

That show is the stupidest show on TV, next to the View, of course.

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Grammar Police:  1230 days ago

@the floyd


Who's the idiot now?

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2 Replies

KC:  1230 days ago

Dear Grammar Police,
You are hereby notified of your egregious failure of the misuse of the word "you're" (a contracted word that's made from the 2 words: you are) when the correct use of the possessive form 'your' had been used in the post you tried to snub. Due to your blatant snobbery & obvious misuse of grammar; you are hereby demoted to the level of 'grammar meter maid.' Please turn in your badge & red pen immediately!

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candace:  1230 days ago

complete nonsense. I agree with the trained monkey comment. Word to these moms: Get a life and stop living through your kids. It is nauseating to watch.

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Barb:  1230 days ago

You mean she isn't dressed like a prostitute.YET. Give her mother time, she will be.

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Barb:  1230 days ago

@KC. You are incorrect. "You're" is correct. As in "You are" an idiot.

@Floyd. Calm down.

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A Wood:  1230 days ago

If they locked up all the bad parents ... childless people would rule the world.

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nonW00t:  1230 days ago

Little girls on drugs, awesome. O.O

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cookielyor1:  1230 days ago

She is looking at herself in the monitor. It's just like making faces in a mirror. A 5 year old doesnt care where that mirror is.

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momtoapageantprincess:  1229 days ago

i know this little girl in and out of pageants and this clip shows how she is day to day. she is a very happy 5 year old. yes she is trained well for the stage but you have to be to win what she has won. you cant really judge until you have done a pageant with your child before. her mom is not living through her at all. she comes from a family of entertainers and would probably act like this on no matter what. so please take a step back and quit attacking people whom you know nothing about. also no her mom would never dress her as a prostitute.

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lisa:  1229 days ago

people found this cute and funny???The reporter's questions first of all were trying to lead the girl to say shed rather be out playing,then the question what makes mom happiest was obviously trying to get the kid to say,pagaents.
The clip was tough to watch,I didnt find this little girl cute and funny at all,in fact the opposite but I did really like the mom and admire how she kept her cool with the idiot reporter

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