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Charlie Sheen Tweets Photos With Ashton Kutcher

Charlie Sheen is playing nice.

Before hitting the stage at the Emmy Awards to wish the cast and crew of his former show "Two and a Half Men" the best on their upcoming season, Sheen chatted with his replacement Ashton Kutcher.

Sheen posted a photo of their meeting backstage on his WhoSay account with the caption, "Giving the new kid a little advice..! With @aplusk backstage at the Emmy's..." (@aplusk being Kutcher's Twitter handle).

Check out the photo below:

Charlie Sheen's photo Giving the new kid a little advice..!  With @aplusk backstage at the Emmy's...
Charlie Sheen on WhoSay

"Two and a Half Men" returns Monday, September 19 on CBS.

Comments (3)

clarkins:  1229 days ago

Good for Charlie... glad to see him in a better frame of mind.. 2 1/2 wont be the same (or as good) without him.. he is being the bigger man now

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enzo testa:  1229 days ago

I was a huge fan for two and a half men for all the years it was on. Now that the show does not have it's main actor Charlie Sheen, it's pretty well over.
Sorry, but in my opinion it's not the same. I will not be watching it.

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Trem123:  1227 days ago

And the better man is.....Charlie Sheen.....Charlie has been a great actor...starring in many movies...worked hard...had a few everyone else...if you are human you have made mistakes smetime in your life....and with all the negativity and finger pointing and blaming...I wonder when the space ship landed with all you perfect supiorer beings....Now for Ashton....yes he did make a few movies...thats 70's thing where he was a sex crazed idiot and oh yes...he married Demi...I think about the only thing he will ever be best known for......Team Charlie all the way!!!!!

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