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'Two and a Half Men' Premiere -- How'd Ashton Do?

Ashton Kutcher
made his debut on "Two and a Half Men" last night -- but did the premiere have you missing Charlie Sheen?

Kutcher first appeared about midway through the episode, following Charlie Harper's funeral, as a suicidal billionaire who eventually buys the home Alan and Jake live in.

And did we mention Ashton's naked? A lot.

One thing Kutcher brings to the table that Sheen didn't is an incredible body, which he showed off twice during premiere.

Of course, it's not all about looks though. Did you think Kutcher makes a good foil for Jon Cryer? And do you miss Charlie? Sound off below!

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Ann:  1225 days ago

Loved Ashton!! You really can't compare the two characters. Both are great characters, but I really love Ashton;s character. I think he and Jon Cryer were hilarious together. I enjoyed it a lot and I think it can actually work.

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pandora:  1225 days ago

I like Ashton but I still miss Charlie. I didn't find the episode that funny maybe next week will be better. The beginning was terrible. It did get a little better when Ashton showed up. I wasn't that impressed.

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Cliff:  1225 days ago

Ashton looks like he has the comedic timing of downs syndrome, and is constantly reading off a cue card. I give it a season...maybe two....tops.

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Different Rules Apply:  1225 days ago

Ashton is BORING and his character is as silly as I expected. This show will not continue for long. I was for the first time disappointed in Holland's performance - very cold and not funny at all. Rose's eulogy was ridiculous and silly - this whole debut was missing the true, gritty, funny stuff that made the show. Yes, I miss Charlie, no Men.

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GEL:  1225 days ago

My husband and I laughed last night as much as we ever did. We both agreed that this show is going to survive just fine without Sheen. It never was Charlie Sheen that made the show's the writing, he just delivered the lines.

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Kathie:  1225 days ago

We miss you Charlie, plain simple. Thank goodness for reruns.

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SKay:  1225 days ago

I love it!! Ashton was so funny, but Jon Cryer was hysterical too!! I didn't like the funeral with the exes either, but the rest of the show was great!! I also agree that it's the writers who make the show, not only the actors and they have the same writers, right? I'll keep watching!!

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PL:  1225 days ago

I watched. Ashton was boring and his character seemed stupid. Charlie was the man. The show had funny parts thanks to all of the actors combined. Ashton will do OK, but he is over-paid for the level of acting we get in a 30 minute sit-com (commercialis included).

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Magee:  1225 days ago

Did no*****ch the episode and have no intentions of doing that. I liked it the way it was. Nothing can replace the cast in the original form. Think the show will not survive had a purpose before now who knows. Too much hype for nothing as far as I am concerned.

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B0202:  1225 days ago

Ashton is the straight man now and Cryer gets all the laughs. Ashton just isn't funny. Show sucks without Sheen.

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Margaret:  1225 days ago

I LIKED it! I always liked Jon Cryer better than Sheen anyway, and I think Kutcher and Cryer will do just fine. I'll be watching weekly.

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chris :  1225 days ago

I think it was really bad, the only part was the funeral sceen, It was like taking Al Bundy from Married with Children it didn"t mesh with the family.

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onecent:  1225 days ago

Okay, I have to be honest. I REALLY wanted to like it, but found it disappointing. I'm not blaming Ashton, I'm blaming the writers for not being able to come up with anything better than THAT! It was weak and lame, not to mention CORNY as he**!! The actors can only do so much with the material they're given and in this case it was sadly lacking. I didn't HATE it, and I hope it picks up in the next couple of weeks because I really like Jon Cryer and the rest of the cast! I will give it a chance, but I sure miss Charlie.....

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Saka:  1225 days ago

The premier was a huge let down. With all the hipe and publicity regarding "Walden Schmidt" I thought the show would be over the top. Sadly, it was not. The story line was not near as fantastic as it should have been regarding Charlie.and his funeral. Ashton just does not fit in with this cast, who is remarkable. Chuck Lorre should swallow his misplaced pride, and bring Charlie back. Charlie Sheen was bombed out of his mind on drugs when he spouted all those stupid comments about everything, not just Chuck Lorre. This show was one of the best television shows that has been aired in twenty years, but only when Charlie Sheen was the lead character. If Chuck Lorre wants this show to die a very ugly death, continue on without Charlie. Chuck Lorre should have a bomb shell comeback for Charlie, and just keep Ashton on as a new cast member. Chuck Lorre could benefit financially, personally, and publicly if he would be the bigger man.

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Chris:  1224 days ago

LOVED IT! Didn't miss Charlie at all. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed it more without him. I'm not a fan of his dry wit. Kutcher and Cryer are remarkable together. Kutcher's character is perfect for Cryer's character's low self esteem. My only problem with the episode was that it ended too soon! Long Live 2.5 Men!

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