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Rosie O'Donnell Steps Out with Gorgeous New Girlfriend

Things are looking good for Rosie O'Donnell these days: She's got a new show coming out on OWN, just purchased a huge home in Chicago and landed a stunning new girlfriend.

O'Donnell hit the red carpet for the first time last night with Michelle Rounds (left) -- and, according to People, the two met at Starbucks!

Rosie and Michelle, a headhunter for a New York IT company, have reportedly been dating for a few months.

The two made their first public appearance at a gala for Rosie's Theater Kids, an arts education organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children through arts.

FYI: Rosie just launched a charity auction for the organization, with great prizes including a visit to The Howard Stern Show, lunch with Lisa Lampanelli and an internship at Gucci for a summer in NYC.

For more information on the auction, which runs until October 4, check out the official website.

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Nielsen:  1230 days ago

Thank God you got famous because God knew you never get a date without it.

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Sarafina:  1230 days ago

She looks like a younger Madonna.

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david:  1230 days ago

i think its sick how being gay is accepted.....God will judge you in the end

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Amandanonymous:  1230 days ago

Rosie's got a really unfortunate smile. I know some people just have small mouths, but she looks like a four-year-old fake smiling for a portrait. The GF is pretty.

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southerngal:  1230 days ago

For those of you who are quick to pass YOUR judgement and use the Bible to justify your sad, sad, bigoted, hate-filled bilge, why don't you just take care of yourself and live and let live? If you don't believe in same-sex relationships, then don't get involved in a same-sex relationship! Duh! Just because YOU are heterosexual, don't condemn that which is different from yourself. Are you so perfect in God's eyes, that you ACTUALLY believe you have the authority to speak for HIM? You bigots act like you have a direct hot line straight to God and you quote Him because he calls you every day and has decided that YOU of ALL people know His mind.... Sure got a trumped up, high-horse opinion of yourself eh?
Take a good look at yourself and your mission of spreading hate.... doesn't it say somewhere, "Love thy neighbor?"

A straight, white, southern gal

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superchicken:  1230 days ago

It's the Anne Heche of New York.

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ESarah:  1230 days ago

I am a christian and honestly i agree with southerngal. David, as you said it yourself, God will judge them, the same way He is going to judge you and everyone else on earth. Seriously, if you have nothing constructive to say, just dont say anything at all because the things you say will hit you right back. God is LOVE not HATE, and narrow minded christians like you should study the Bible a little more and love God's love a little more.

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PhillipP:  1230 days ago

What ever happened to the other girlfriend (not Kelli) that had all the adopted kids?

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DiamondLil:  1229 days ago

I liked Kelly better,....she's just downright cute ! Now, this new gal,...was Rosie trolling in Starbucks ? What happened to that artist girlfriend from Texas,with half a dozen kids,who u-hauled into your home in Florida,....two women who would take care of all of those children in need?
Michelle is a headhunter, who has her own agenda,....I like Rosie for her very strong stance for the guidance and protection of children,.....but her big azz mouth really turns me off as a person. Anyone who only talks in high volumn just plain out turns me off. Hey Rosie, is this chick gonna move into that very cool triplex in Chicago,....hey Rosie, make suren she signs a pre-nup.
* And those critical religious fanatices ( my all time favorite hypocrites),...God made ALL of his children,....what God are you bowing down to? Are you questioning his design and love for one another? Back up hypocrite,......

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david:  1229 days ago

to all the ones who think im not judging.....God said spread the gospel...preach to the unknowing.... how am i the bad doing what he not judging im preaching to the sinners trying to put them on track to be not making up preaching His.....our Lord is a jealious venageful God ( dont know what your saying)...look what he did to Job...i know you dont know so ill tell you....he allowed him to lose everything and his family to be killed to test his I going to stand up and tell a lost soul about the word of bet i will....even when non believers are testing me and telling me im wrong....i never said to treat gays diffrently...or bash them or take away rights...i just gave an opinion and get treated poorly for not believeing the way liberals yall see the people contradict the very thing you just said

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LiberalSoul:  1228 days ago


Both my hypocrisy AND irony meters just exploded. Where to start...? I'll begin with each of your posts, in order:

I* it's*

Obviously* Mel* homosexual* (unless you're referring to the genus of bipedal primates, in which case it's [italicized] Homo*--or if you're referring to the type of milk, it's homogenized*) I'm* I* morals* (unless you really do have gourmet mushrooms) I* choose* I*

Marci* it's* You* It's* Republicans* murderers* rapists* capital* Democrats* gay-loving* California* New Yorkers* want* pro-choice* I* at* least* can't*

I'm* Bible* unknowing* how* I* I'm* He* I'm* I'm* I'm* I'm* jealous* vengeful* I* don't* I'll* He* I* non-believers* I'm*

To* I'm* Gospel* I* I'm* He* I'm* I'm* I'm* I'm* jealous* vengeful* don't* you're* He* I* don't* I'll* He* I* non-believers* I'm* I* differently* I* believing* you* all*

Whew...and I'm not even touching the grammar and punctuation.

A little something from and I KNOW God wants you to visit:


1. favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs.
2. in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, especially as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties.
3. favoring freedom of action, especially with respect to matters of personal belief or expression.
4. pertaining to representational forms of government rather than aristocracies and monarchies.
5. free from prejudice or bigotry; tolerant.
6. open-minded, especially free of traditional or conventional ideas, values, etc.

Synonyms: understanding, humanitarian, enlightened, intelligent, unpredjudiced, broad-minded, unbiased, flexible, reasonable, unbigoted, free, left-wing
Antonyms: conservative, reactionary, intolerant, narrow-minded, fusty, buttoned-up, blimpish, standpat, nonprogressive, hidebound, traditionalist


1. disposed to conserving existing conditions, institutions, etc. and restoring traditional ones.
2. favorable to limiting change or renovation, as in political or religious affairs.
3. favoring the preservation of established customs, values, etc, and opposing innovation.
4. a person who is reluctant to consider new ideas; conformist.
5. cautious, moderate, tending to preserve the status quo.

Synonyms: traditionalist, inflexible, unprogressive, redneck, unimaginative, fearful, unchanging, obstinate, white bread, obstructionist, right-wing, undaring
Antonyms: nonconforming, unconventional, immoderate, progressive, reformist, left-wing, liberalist, radical, imaginitive, socialized, incautious, adventurous

Thank you for confirming what us liberals have suspected all along--and for giving unfortunate credence to "stereotyping."

A Liberal Soul

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bbreed:  1227 days ago

I, myself believe to each his own not judging anyone "a Sin".

I, myself as a Christian, it is not what I have choosen for mysel*****ay lifestyle but
again without judgement not for me each will settle with God in heaven and he will
make the final judgement.

BTW, One Sin is the same as the other. Judgement not acceptable .

MY 2 cents....

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ANDI:  1227 days ago sound really dumb

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Lala:  1226 days ago

Looks like BROOKE MUELLER to me

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DiamondLil:  1225 days ago

Gotta love you,....would love to just sit down and have a cup of coffee with you,....well said,.....thank you,.......

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