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"Two and a Half Men" Crushes "Dancing With the Stars"

The season opener of "Two and a Half Men" with Ashton Kutcher drew an astronomical 27.7 million viewers -- dwarfing the "Dancing With the Stars" audience by a margin of 9 million viewers!

Don't get us wrong ... 18.6 million people is nothing to sneeze at, but in the grand scheme, "DTWS" was down 18% from last season's premiere.
By sharp contrast, "Men" nearly doubled its audience from the season opener last year, when Charlie Sheen was still on board.
So far ... ratings are not available for the Charlie Sheen roast, but the size of the audience won't be in the same universe as "Men."

"Two and a Half Men's" true test will come next week, to see if viewers will stay after seeing the novelty of Kutcher in the lead role. See a clip of his debut performance, below:

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BRADLEY:  1228 days ago

I WILL NEVER watch 2 1/2 men again it sucks ashton is a didp**** and wouldnt even be on tv if it wasnt for demi , hes her Bitch!!

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misty:  1228 days ago

I know their will be a lot of charlie fans, no longer watching. But Ashton has his own fan base and you can bet ashtons fans will be watching. if you look on twitter Charlie has 4.5 mil followers, where ashton has 7.5 mil followers. I was never much of a 2 1/2 men Fan, if nothing eles was on i would watch it, but never have i set my DVR or went out of my way. this season Im sure i will make a point to watch and give ashton my support..

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kholl1109:  1228 days ago

Not very good. I don't think the show will survive without Charlie no matter how much they make reference to him. Ashton's performance was ok, plot was terrible. I'm glad I also recorded Dancing with the Stars.

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steve123:  1228 days ago

I was worried about the rest of the cast after Charlie got quit.
But after last night's snarky eulogy scene. I don't care. I know it was lorrie putting the words in their mouths but, I was a Charlie fan long before the show. And they got where they are because Charlie made it a success. Nope, the show is over as far as I'm concerned.

CBS is going to go through a long cold winter with the choices they have made for this season.

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b.mclane:  1228 days ago

It was a cheap trick to have Ashton naked in the opening show so much Hollywood puts out these days, why bother with an interesting script when you can avoid all that creative labor by having someone pretty go a la natural? To keep the ratings they will have to find a reason for Walton to be naked each week. Maybe turn the beach house into a nudist colony.

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Chris:  1228 days ago

1. All the studio audience got to see was Kutcher's chest and back. This is not cable - can't do full frontal on TV. Maybe I'll go watch it being taped if he's going to be naked every week.

2. There are a lot of cast members on that show. Charlie Sheen was just a part of the team. If he had been a team player instead of letting his ego grow as large as Charlie Harper's black book, maybe he'd still be on the show. Put the blame where it belongs. Go to work tomorrow and talk crap to your boss, tell him what a sorry job he/she is doing and spread it all around the office. See how long it is before you clean out your desk. John Cryer may not be loud, obnoxious, a man whore and a drug user, but he's a damn good actor and can keep the show going.

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meggy9489:  1228 days ago

Charlie Sheen's roast was amazing!! their wasnt a single moment of silence it was full of laughter the whole time! :) as for two and a half men ... they overemphasized Charlie's death a little too much! either way your in Sheen's Corner or your with the trolls! :-P

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J.K. Hooker :  1228 days ago

Got to tell you though, Two and a Half Men sucked. I didn't laugh a time.

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onecent:  1228 days ago

Dear Charlie Sheen:

Whatever you do, PLEASE do NOT comment on the 2+1/2 Men Premier show last night. Everyone is going to be in your face and looking down your throat for ANY kind of comment, and just DON"T give them one. Remain as classy as you did at the Emmy's and take the high road. Believe me when I tell you it will pay off in the end.

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kochav:  1228 days ago

we miss charlie sheen . very bad opening night we will not see it again without charlie sheen...

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janis:  1228 days ago

I loved the show. Ashton is an asset. from those who didn't like him, you have no sense of him. he is really good at what he does. Watch him a more closer and you will see he is a genius. His last movie was hysterical and poignant. Go back to That 70's show and see why he is in demand. He is not charlie, get over it. Even charlie sheen know he made a If you saw the emmys you know what I am talking about. also, I am not some teeny bopper young woman fan....I am 63.

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DiamondLil:  1222 days ago

Have to admit I felt apprensive for Ashton,....the rabid Charlie Sheen fans with try and take you down,...but considering the way Chuck Lorre brought him in,...was very cleverly done. Ashton has a long haul,...but I think he may just do very well.I never watched it before, unless I had to,...never cared for Charlie's character, Jon Cryer yes, Angus,...yes. Watching a man with very few virtues,.....naw.
Good luck Ashton,.......

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Paco Lopez:  1222 days ago

I'm a Charlie fan from way back and our family loved watching “Two & ½ Men” every week when Sheen was on the show. Charlie did himself in by saying and doing some really stupid things, thinking he was 12 foot tall & bulletproof. Wrong! That was a big mistake in Hollywood. Regardless, I knew some “Charlie” fans would watch “Men”, only so they could bash Ashton Kutcher. At first I thought, "how are they going to pull it off? Getting Kutcher in the house and killing off Charlie?" I actually thought they did a decent (mind you, not great) but decent job putting Ashton into the house and saying goodbye to Charlie. Our family DID think the show was quite funny. We DVR'd “The Roast” too and watched it later. Quite frankly, both had their moments. I DIDN'T think the roast was “hysterical”, it was ok. For that matter I didn’t think “Men” was hilarious, but, both were funny, but they had their moments respectively. Mind you, I'm not REALLY an Ashton Kutcher fan. I always thought he was "ok" on “That 70s Show”, if you’re a fan of mindless humor. But, he WAS younger and it was a perfect fit. Regardless, We’ll (the family) be giving “Men” a chance even though we’d pretty much written it off (no pun intended)...til we saw it. But you CAN’T deny that it buried (pun intended) “DWTS” by over 9 million viewers. Best of luck to both actors. No one likes to see people out of work.

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WileyAlex60:  1222 days ago

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