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New Brenda Song Photo -- Pregnant or Not?!

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Brenda Song
and Trace Cyrus shocked everyone last month when it was reported the Disney star was expecting their first child together ... and then things got even stranger.

The two never publicly confirmed the news themselves and the only thing Trace Cyrus has been tweeting about lately is getting a new tattoo.

Then Brenda's mom reportedly said her daughter is NOT pregnant, telling the questionable Star "It's very upsetting to our family because of what I'm going through and it's not how we raised her."

The couple was spotted together at a mall in Sherman Oaks, where Brenda was wearing some very baggy clothes -- hiding her belly (and potential baby bump) under a belt and flowy top.

Check out the Now & Then shot above -- do you think she's pregnant?

Comments (14)

Taunya:  1222 days ago

To me, nothing about that outfit says pregnant.

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Kate:  1222 days ago

I wouldn't think 'pregnant' without having the idea planted by the media. On a separate note, Trace Cyrus is weird looking, and scrawny.

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Sherms:  1222 days ago I don't see anything pregnant about that picture. It's way too much of an outfit to tell whether or not she's pregnant.

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Jeansgeans:  1222 days ago

Brenda would you really want the Cyrus clan as your child's relatives? she looks comfy not pregnant.

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happilywed:  1222 days ago

As someone who has been pregnant more than once, this young woman definitely looks to me like she is pregnant, say her 3rd or 4th month -- possibly her 5th month if this is her first pregnancy.

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RiceLover:  1222 days ago

does he even have room on his body for another tattoo?

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Steve Garner:  1222 days ago

I know she definitely looks pregnant. And the story announcing that she was pregnant was everywhere including-

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Emjay:  1222 days ago

I dont think she is preggo. She is just at the mall in comfy clothes! In the right she is probably wearing spanx too..... She has a little belly POSSIBLY but that doesnt mean pregnant! Tbh I think she has the belt too tight as you can see above it her skin is slightly over the top - slightly muffin top...

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DiamondLil:  1222 days ago

This trace Cyrus,.....who is he? Forgive my ignorance,bur some of these people I have never heard of them. Trace doesn't look alkl that healthy, if I were his mom, I would worry

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TheBestHeEverHad:  1222 days ago

Well I'm thinking u were preggo in your dreams, b/c if we are looking @ the same pic she damn sure doesn't look 5 months preggo or even preggo @ all. But concidering that the same person who sold the story of her being preggo also told us that she's only about 8 weeks, WHY WOULD SHE BE SHOWING?????

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debschira :  1221 days ago


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kiss:  1221 days ago

that was 6 months ago, you probably wouldn't be able to tell she's pregnant yet.
where's a pic of her this month?!

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tpie:  1218 days ago

haha, shocking! her breasts look the same and being preg. usually makes them get bigger. however, her face looks filled out and sometimes just being in love makes you gain weight, especially if you're with someone who doesn't judge you. my hubby calls it my love fat. lol. either way happiness to them both.

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GUDU:  1217 days ago

What does it matter if she's prego or not... That's should be between her and Trace.. When the time is right if she is preg she will announce it then and only then not when everyone is pressuring her to say she is or not... Get over it!!!!

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