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Pete Wentz Holding Hands with Mystery Woman

media_removed_toofab 102011

Looks like Pete Wentz has finally moved on from his split from Ashlee Simpson -- and was spotted in L.A. today holding hands with a mystery woman!

The two were photographed leaving a grocery store together Thursday afternoon, and it's Pete's first public display of affection with someone since Ashlee filed for divorce in February.

The sighting comes just days after Simpson and new boyfriend Vincent Piazza made it official by hitting the red carpet at a number of Emmy parties together in L.A.

Check out Ashlee and her new man below:0916_ashlee_launch

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jpierce26:  1222 days ago

These two are such d-bags. Both Ashlee and Pete. Let the ink on the paper dry first. Filed for divorce in Feb and its only been what, like 7 months? Calm the hormones down and reflect on why you got a divorce first before you jump into another relationship to possibly make the same mistake. People are too quick to divorce. He doesn't pay attention to me, he made me mad, she doesn't treat me good. If half the people spent as much time working on their marriage when they hit a split in the road as they do on working out all the details of a divorce, perhaps there wouldn't be as many.

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Lisa G:  1222 days ago

Ashlee looks bat-****e crazy in that picture!!

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