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Lindsay Lohan Cleans Up on Milan Red Carpet

Call us crazy for saying it, but Lindsay Lohan hit the red carpet today in Milan ... and she looked gooood.

While her Fashion Week sightings were a bit disheveled and surrounded by controversy, Lohan was photographed today at an amfAR event looking very put together with her hair pulled back and wearing a long black dress.

Lohan wasn't the only one stunning at the event, where she was joined by the always-glamorous Heidi Klum, Bar Refaeli and Christie Teigan.

Check out all the arrival shots above.

Comments (5)

mannequin:  1220 days ago

Wow. I guess she felt out of place, she's certainly playin' outside her league there.

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gemmychess:  1220 days ago

Wish I could meet up with other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mayra:  1220 days ago

I think she looks Gorgeous. What a shame how some people don't appreciate what they have & the oppurtunitys they're given. She could be on top of the world right now if only she would have realized this sooner.

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amlize:  1220 days ago

she's a fashion-conscious as i had observe. celebrities had always their best fashion-designer and depends on the person wearing it.. "~)

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meesh:  1220 days ago

I think she looks incredible. What a way to represent the fact that recovery IS possible. She looks healthy and put together. I wish her all the success. Way to go!! Keep strong and keep up the good work. The world needs more positive headlines from you....XOXO

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