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Lady Gaga Performs Tribute to Teen Suicide Victim

Lady Gaga slowed down the excitement at the iheartradio music festival last night to perform a touching tribute to Jamey Rodemeyer, a young fan who committed suicide last week.

"We lost a little monster this week and i wanted to dedicate this song to him tonight," Gaga said before playing a stripped down version of her song about individuality, "Hair."

Rodemeyer was only 14-years-old when he took his own life last Sunday, following online bullying with gay slurs for over a year. He considered Gaga his idol.

During the moving performance, Lady Gaga said "Jamey, I know you're up there looking on us, and you're not a victim, you're a lesson to all of us" -- and at one point shouted ""Bullying is for losers."

Watch the full performance above.

Comments (18)

Amy:  1218 days ago

Tim, how dare you make light of a 14 year old being so badly bullied that he ended his life. it was due to people like you that he felt like he couldnt go on any longer. you are insensitive to say the least.

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Latiny212:  1218 days ago

@ tlm

You're such an ignorant jack-@$$. I hope that you or your family NEVER have to go through a situation like this one. In life we never know whats coming to us. If you don't like Lady GAGA then fine thats your business, however, heartless idiots like you are no help to the grief people are going through.

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tlm:  1218 days ago name isn't Tim, you dumba$$ - it's the initials TLM. And I stand by what I said.

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Cassy:  1218 days ago

At least this lady is on the stage, performing for millions of people, and you? Sitting at home, on your fat ass, and saying such insensitive words.

"Bullying is for losers."

So are you, TLM. :)

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Latiny212:  1218 days ago

I'm all about Karma (what goes around, comes around) and I know that those bullies will most likely have children one day and this time they can be the ones getting bullied. I believe it's time we break that circle now.

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VictoryCo:  1218 days ago


stop...hatin is bad.

instead of breeding more hatred, you should make something of your self. do something that will profoundly inpact someone elses life. start doing good things and make people proud of you. lady gaga might not have the type of talent you like but she dose so much more than music. she helps people, she cares, she makes life better for people who don't have much. she makes this world a better place by promoting equality, fairness, and love. maybe you should do the same. doing things for others makes you happy and is scientificly proven to give you a health boost.

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tlm:  1218 days ago

uh oh....I may kill myself now with all of you big, bad bullies pushing me around...LOL!!But I won't cause I want to come back here and torment you!

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RandomShawn:  1218 days ago

I think she did an amazing job honoring the young boy.

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Danielle:  1218 days ago

I think TLM is confused...

Firstly why was interested enough too watch or read this article in the first place?
A) Secretly likes Gaga (finds her you cant get a "Lady")
B) Was or is a being bullied
C) Is a bully
D) Homophobic
E) Redneck
F) Bored, lonely sits on his computer all day, night wishing he had a life
G) Uses NFL profile pic to show us all how tough he wishes he was
H) Has grown up wishing his parents loved & accepted him more
I) Screaming OUT for attention
J) Has a really low self esteem

Probably hit a nerve right TLM?
So now you go on and respond with one more ignorant comment
Go ahead you can look even dumber than you have made yourself so far...
(FYI - we are all laughing at you bud!)

Secondly - We feel sad for you - you some cant find even one word of compassion for 14 old boy who was so depressed and disparate, you have to use this forum to look tough and demonstrate your intelligence (or lack of) on this public takes nothing to rant on online, behind your desktop....really?

Trusting your immaturity, you have not been through too much yet...wait for it ....chances are one day something will horrible will happen to you or someone you care (if thats possible) about and you'll be in so much pain - you wont want to go on

I hope when that train hits you, and your world is hanging be a thin have someone close who looks past your egotistical narcissistic facade and takes pity on you to hold you up

Big words, common sense and compassion might be too much for your underdeveloped mind....TLM....immm, probably stands for Total Looser Man???

Hope you succeed in something....bigger than winning around in "Call of Duty"

all the best I guess.

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tlm:  1218 days ago

Oh're just about the most clever person I've ever run into on a message board.....NOT. Oh, and I'm not a guy either, brainiac. Your thorough "list" of all of the things that are wrong with ME sums YOU up completely, doesn't it? How else could you have thought of all of those things with your little peabrain? LOL!'re quite the pathetic soul to sit around and make up a list about what's wrong with somebody else. Try looking in the mirror, you dolt. FYI....I loathe Lady Gag-Gag and YOU loving her....well, that explains alot about YOU.

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tpie:  1217 days ago

wow. i kinda wish i could've seen tlm's comment now to see why all this backlash occurred. however, and i'm by no means taking sides, most of you are coming off as a bunch of hypocrits. latiny? are you really wishing bullying on someone's children? And danielle, i know some super nice "rednecks" who would give you the shirt off their backs. let us spread the blame around, and include parents who don't instill enough strength in their own kids. schools who ignore volatile situations, yet operate under "zero tolerance" policies (what a joke). people, perhaps much like yourselves, who counter violence with violence. i was bullied, you can call me "uggo" btw, and it was bad. my life was threatened, blah, blah. i got over it. if you're gonna talk the talk, then walk it too. are you changing the world? are you being pro-active? doesn't seem like it but maybe you are. try being positive and stop empowering the bullies or tlm's, or really you're just no better than they are.

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IBE:  1216 days ago

Believe it or not, bulling is a very bad thing and even it is worst for you to take your own life when you are bullied...that is an express way to hell. How can you take your own life cos somebody on the net bullied you. If you don't know what to do you change your ID or you leave that site entirely. Lets not be fancy, taking your own life is never a solution to any problem, its either you deal with it or you move on. The young man just played himself into the hand of twisted devil controlled life, the type of life expressed by all this so called pop stars like Gaga. And she is there insulting the already wounded soul by singing her evil tunes to him. Do you think it will stop? no!! as long as we, the parents allows our Children to be influenced by all these fake ppl as role models it will still go continue. Look at them in reality, you will only see drug and alcohol . A word is enough for the wish. PARENTS GUIDE YOUR KIDS PAY ATTENTION TO THEM

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Timmay:  1213 days ago

You know this suicide due to bullying is getting way out of hand. This comes from two places and all the blame is directed towards parents and on both sides. I am probably going to get crap for this but it is the truth. Parents need to teach their kids respect and also teach their kids to stand up for them selves.

The kids who pick on others are insecure and find pleasure in picking on others they find smaller and weaker. However, if you stand up to them they will back down and leave you alone. I know this because I was bullied too. I had to go to school and had to wear uniforms. However, my father would not allow me to wear school regulated clothes that would allow me to fit in. I was not even allowed to spike my hair. This was what 15 years ago. So, because of it some kid who had his friends would always pick on me. One day I told him to shut his mouth. He pushed me and I beat the crap out of him in front of all the students in the hall walking to their next class. They got to see me punching him over and over in the face while he was on his back. None of his friends helped him either. After that he never messed with me. I thank my father for teaching me to stand up for myself.

If parents would be more mindful about their kids and teach them right from wrong more bullying would not be as bad as it is. However, parents also need to teach their kids to stand up for them selves and to not let anyone push them around. My father always told me that if someone puts their hands on me then I better knock them out. However, he also told me if he ever found out I put my hand on someone else he would beat my butt.

What Jamey should have done was beat the crap out of one of the bully's. Not ever man was created equal however there are things that can become equalizers. After you beat this persons butt others will back off.

In this case this social media is all BS. FaceBook allows you to block people and you have to accept a friend request in order for them to post comments and etc on your wall. If you block someone they cannot email you or anything and you can also regulate who is allowed to see your wall and comments and etc. Parents need to really talk to their kids about bullying on both sides and make it known it will not be tolerated. When I have kids if I find out they pick on others and are a bully I will make sure they never want to do it again. However, if my kid is being bullied I will tell them they need to set an example and that the bully is probably more insecure and unhappy with their life then you are.

If parents acted more like parents these days this would not be an issue. It is all the parents fault. You have to teach your kids things just like your parents did. You have to make sure your kids are secure with themselves. If they are able to love them for who they are it makes it easier for them to deal with Bully's. If you have a kid who is rude to others and picks on them you need to beat their butt and let them know its not okay. You have to condition your kids. It is just like training a dog. They learn from you.

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