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Lindsay Lohan Books Modeling Gig in Italy

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Lindsay Lohan
booked herself a new modeling gig -- and it comes with some travel perks!

Over the weekend hunky German designer Philip Plein announced Lohan would be the new face of his clothing line and yesterday they had their first shoot.

So, where was it? Gorgeous Lake Como, Italy. Not too shabby, right?

Once there, Lohan worked it in a red leather jacket, short shorts and super-high heels while posing on a diving board.

At a press conference before the shoot, Plein said "Lindsay is a beautiful, highly acclaimed actress and model. We will be able to create unique images: Refined and luxurious, but also full of sensuality."

Check out the shoot above!

Comments (4)

DiamondLil:  1218 days ago

It's a shame Lindsay must go to Italy for a gig, it because lewd and lecivious activity is condoned and accepted? whereas the paps here are a-l-w-a-y-s up her azz where ever she goes here i n the states. I am soo confused,...this is a gal who has talent as an actor, there used to be people willing to hire her, there seems to be questions as to her insureability(sp),.....don't know or understand,....too bad,....she's got the goods. Did she lose out on that massive gig,..." Gotti " ?
Lindsay,...not that you care,......but YOU control your destiny,.....drop the leech groupies,....and get down ti business. There was a time when a VERY well known actress walked down the same path as you are walking now, and the only job she could get was a job as a waitress (and that's not a bad job). She finally woke the f**k up and changed future and destiny,......she is now a mega star, producer and director,......that being Drew Barrymore. What the hell Lindsay,.....what's it gonna take?

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gemmychess:  1218 days ago

I agree with the above comments from DiamondLil. You have the gorgeous looks and talent. Go make it happen as I tell myself I am going to even at my age of 54. I am good looking guy with other talents and I am going to make something happen and change my life.

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PopCulture:  1218 days ago

I love her, and want nothing more then a major comeback!

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MARGETALICA:  1217 days ago

the blond hair looks dry- damaged and awful.

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