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Kim Kardashian Goes Bowling Wearing What?!

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No bowling shirts for Kim Kardashian, who showed up to Bowlmor Lanes in NYC last night wearing that.

Dressed in super tight leather pants, a see-thru top, exposed lace bra and Christian Louboutin heels, Kim looked ready for a night of clubbing ... not knocking down pins.

Looks like she's a little rusty at the sport, tweeting last night "I used to be kinda good at bowling! I now officially suck! Maybe its time to get everyone bowling balls for xmas like I did one year."

Check out more pics of Kim and sister Kourtney above.

Comments (4)

Missy:  1222 days ago

Uh, she's Kim Kardashian. She can do whatever she wants. We should all be used to that by now.

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Vernae:  1222 days ago

Why not? It's the SHOES that need to be safe. Dangerous clothes balance-out dull shoes. @not2haute

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Nunya:  1222 days ago

Attention whoring at its finest.

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Apostate:  1222 days ago

I blame Ray J for unleashing this famewh@re on an unsuspecting world.

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