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Hollywood's Serial Daters

In the new movie "What's Your Number?" Anna Faris tries to track down her ex-boyfriends to figure out if any of them are "the one."

That wouldn't be an easy task for Drew Barrymore, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson or Cameron Diaz -- who always have a new love interest.

Drew, in particular, seems to have had a boyfriend for every year she's been in showbiz -- that's a lot! She's dated everyone from Corey Haim to Edward Norton to Tom Green to Justin Long (twice!).

Click "Launch Gallery" below to see some Hollywood's infamous serial daters:


So, what's your number? Tell TooFab in the comments below!

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LQQKThruU:  1214 days ago

First off, Hollywood is a whole different world in itself. You just cannot expect to achieve the same dating standards as the "ordinary" people. The majority of Holly crowds are treated so differently (some experiences wonderful and dream like and others well-total hell-you know the trade off I suppose), they are exposed to life we could not even imagine, many are just so busy and cannot see their mates very often and the list goes on. So do we have to categorize them as serial daters? They just have TONS more pressure on them when it comes to their romance and I can only imagine the hindrance that is inflicted with the paparazzi tailing them 24/7.
I wish they could have the opportunity to find one love, but society will always make it nearly impossible so I myself say " I hope they can find some enjoyment dating freely while meeting new people. My words to them are, I am sorry you constantly have people on your butts, ignore what you can and what others might say and think about your own pleasure. Enjoy and have fun!

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