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Jacqueline Laurita Calls Teresa "Scum," Shares Personal Texts


Jacqueline Laurita
launched an all-out Twitter assault on her "Real Housewives of New Jersey" co-star Teresa Giudice this weekend -- calling her "scum" and posting some personal text messages.

In the middle of the Melissa Gorga/stripper allegations, Laurita took to her Twitter to address another matter: Photos of Terea's husband with another woman!

"Teresa put out an article that I text her and threatened to release those pictures and I didn't!" Laurita posted over the weekend, "I wanted to prove that. Teresa is scum!"

Laurita then posted the 6 text messages she sent Teresa warning her photos were coming out and who was behind them. Check them out above.

She also addressed the stripper story in a longer post, saying "Teresa told me that 'rumor' about Melissa when she first started the show. She wanted to out her then. She knew. She plotted it."

Cooling off, Laurita continued "Ok,so I'm losing it.This is what all this negativity I'm surrounded w/does 2me.I'm taking deepbreaths&gettingcontrolofmyself"

So what's Teresa got to say about all this? Well ... not much.

She tweeted this weekend too, but only said she was heading to the Catskills and "had an amazing Sunday dinner with my family."

While the Twitter drama is interesting ... save it for the cameras!

Comments (18)

A Real Lawyer:  1216 days ago

Theresa has the biggest face I've ever seen. It's the size of a stop sign. Woah is she ugly.

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CountryGal:  1216 days ago

Trying to stay on the show Jacqueline? Gotta start some fake drama for your fake show?

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PopCulture:  1216 days ago

Joe put her into millions of dollars of debt. Cheating, doesn't surprise me.

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diana:  1216 days ago

It's about time that Jaqueline spoke up about Theresa. Theresa is a sick woman. She is very jealous of Melissa that's all.

Anyone that allows their children to boss them around like that is stupid. When you see the little girl in store and her mother is trying to shop. She gets on top of the fruit and vegetable bend. Her mother just kinda looks the other way. Theresa looks like a man.

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namers:  1216 days ago

Here's what I don't get: Theresa is a nasty piece of work and acts out toward her family in front of her friends; why on earth are they still friends with her??

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Beautiful Vixen:  1216 days ago

Theresa comes off as a really mean person. She is very competitive and she seems like she always have to be the center of attention.

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Kelly S:  1216 days ago

It's about time Jacqueline wakes up and sees what Teresa is all about. Too bad Jacqueline and Caroline are being fired from the show - I like them - they need to get rid of Teresa's trouble making ass.

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Steve Garner:  1216 days ago

Wow these chicks are gross. I don't care what they are in to man. You need to cover only hot chicks- like freakin Pippa did you see what she was wearing the other day sweet.

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Dawn:  1216 days ago

Teresa in no way represents the ladies in New Jersey. She is so classless. Who does she think she is parading around in the improvished town of Punta Cana dressed like that. Oh, I can see she is really broke, especially with all the new clothes and jewls she was flaunting. Her husband is a pig - peeing in the open on tv. He is the lowest of lowest class in New Jersey. Show some respect. Teresa, grow up and stop competing with Melissa - you will always lose that battle - no comparison. For starters brush up on your language skills! Be a mom and stop sending your nanny to school functions - your kids deserve better than that.
Jacquelin - you are way above these women, walk away with your head up. Keep parenting the way you do, perhaps there will be one less spoiled rotten kid in NJ!

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SANDRA:  1216 days ago

I hope the rumor that Teresa is leaving the show is true. She is so jealous of Melissa and her husband Joe is acking like complete ass sorry I don't how else to say it but it is the truth. Please both of you leave the show and try to patch thinks up with your daughters so they can be proud of there parents because as of know there parents are acting like complete fools on TV for the world to see. Teresa it is not all about you
and your book signing and your parties and your swim suit and your house get the picture.

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ktgulty:  1216 days ago

Theresa has burnt TOO many bridges. No one can be better or have more than Theresa does yet she allows that rowdy uncontrollable kid of hers to do whatever she wants at supermarket. Get a grip girl 7 spend ALL this Fame Whore energy on your KIDS instead.

Do you even have a GED?????

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nikki:  1216 days ago

Teresa is uneducated, classless, jealous, lazy, rude, cutthroat, and just pure trash. I have watched all of the franchises loyally and Teresa makes Kim from Atlanta look like a saint.

I used to think she was attractive. She is so ugly. She needs to be the one to go!!!!!!

Team Caroline, Jacqueline, and Melissa just know the entire country sees what is going on. I cant believe what could be happening when the cameras aren't rolling.

Keep your heads up NJ. She will pay and we get to watch.

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Heidi:  1216 days ago

Actually, I was once a "RHONJ" fan PRIOR TO THIS SEASON......I was always a fan of Teresa's for she brought substance to the show along with her sense of humor, standing up for herself, etc....Unfortunately, & in my opinion with all the new additions of cast memembers & extended air time to many such as the Manzo family including the sons' friends; the Gorgo family, etc this season it appears to be more or less a family oriented show as a whole & a somewhat trashy one at that!. The continuous trashing between literally everyone on the show of one another isn't what I'm looking for as entertainment value for the 'Housewives Franchise'........ Bravo more or less 'cleaned house' with the 'NY Housewives' recently & perhaps it's time to take a look at 'RHONJ' as well for it appears there's so many cast members that bring nothing to the show.............However, thank you BRAVO for 'Bev' Hills Housewives', which are the real deal, entertaining & 'try' not to exploit their families in a negative way.... Very interesting cast with alot of class.......Every episode is an adventure & entertaining at that with all the different personalities which seem to interact in 'mostly' an adult manner, however, they do have a few snarky comments & oftentimes friendships are put to a test..........:)
'Beverly Hills Housewives' is the best of Bravo's Housewives Franchise along with the 'OC Housewives', in my opinion....... Kudos' Bravo on 'Beverly Hills Housewives' & 'OC Housewives' !!!!!!! That's entertainment in an upscale manner!!!!! :)

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hwwanabe:  1214 days ago

I for one see a lot of Ashley like behavior in Jacquelin's twitter rants. She was very close to Teresa but reacted to what she thought was the situation without even considering the other side of the story. A real friend should get the benefit of the doubt don't you think?

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