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Cutler & Cavallari Back On? Jay Spotted at 'Dancing' Taping!

Kristin Cavallari had an unlikely cheerleader in the crowd last night during "Dancing with the Stars" -- her ex-boyfriend and onetime fiance Jay Cutler.

Though the two split when they called off their engagement, the football star was seen sitting on the sidelines last night while Kristin performed an energetic samba with partner Mark Ballas.

Kristin's song choice was Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" -- so, are we supposed to read into it at all?

Well, maybe.

Yesterday she was on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, where she talked about her current relationship with Jay.

"We're friendly. We're tweeting each other," she said. Adding "It's pretty hard to see each other right now when I'm dancing, and he's playing football."

When asked further she said "Well, you know what I’ve learned over the years is that it’s just best not to talk about your relationships. And I’m sticking to that.”

So what do you think? Game on? Sound off below!

Comments (4)

moso:  1213 days ago

He just wants to be on TV.
He knows people hate him so he wants to look like the good guy..
"Crybaby Cutler" Wants to take things back when things go wrong for him.
I hope she has learned from what he did and doesn't take him back. She could do better!!!

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jpierce26:  1213 days ago

I would have gone with Beyonce's what goes around comes around" ! Sucks to be you right now.............ha ha ha.

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jms:  1212 days ago

There is always ups and downs in relationships...if your lucky enough t be in one . Love ya Jay .Go Bears !

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Diane:  1102 days ago

once again, who cares

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