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First Look at Ryan Phillippe's Alleged Daughter

Alexis Knapp's photo I do declare you to be the prettiiiest lil girl in the whole wide world
Alexis Knapp on WhoSay

While we're still waiting on the DNA results, Ryan Phillippe's ex-girlfriend has shared the first photo of their alleged lovechild - and she's precious.

Alexis Knapp posted a photo of little Kailana Phillippe-Knapp yesterday on her Twitter, saying "I do declare you to be the prettiiiest lil girl in the whole wide world."

It's worth noting that Kai has blue eyes, like her possible father -- but so does Alexis.

As TMZ previously reported, no father was listed on Kailana's birth cerfiticate -- but her last name was put down as "Phillippe-Knapp."

Kailana was born July 6.

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Comments (4)

christy:  1213 days ago

no she most certainly is not. Sorry not a very cute child

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Rosie:  1213 days ago

ok she is not very cute!

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Tammy:  1213 days ago

She is not cute and looks plastic. Sorry, just telling the truth.

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R:  1157 days ago

She HOPES this is Ryan's child. I hope so too because she won't be starting off her innocent life on a good note.

Oh boy Ryan, you should've stayed with Reese.


You're still a hottie though!

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