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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's Romantic Helicopter Ride

Molly Goodson, Popsugar
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber climbed into a waiting helicopter to go for a ride in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil yesterday afternoon. The wind from the copter almost blew off Bieber's hat, and Selena grabbed on to her boyfriend's hand as they hopped into the aircraft to see the sights of the city from above. The young couple has been attached at the hip despite their crazy schedules, and Justin and Selena were spotted kissing in Malibu near the end of September. Since then she's been working on her new music video while Justin continues on his world tour. Justin has been stepping up his game in the romance department as well, and he recently rented out the Staples Center in LA for a private screening of Titanic for himself and Selena. Bieber has also been talking babies and settling down in the years to come, though the Brangelina 2.0 picture he and Selena posted was just a joke.

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ted 409 :  1124 days ago

THESE two are always supportive of each other.
selena was hangin tough thru the baby accusation thing nice to see that quality in a woman when the chips are down. justins got himsel*****reat woman . its always good to see a strong well matched couple like them being themselves whether its feeding seagulls
in the helicopter or whatever

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