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Photos: The Situation Models Tuxedo Line


Zoolander Alert!

While The Situation is known for taking his clothes off on "Jersey Shore," he's trying some on for a change for a line of tuxedos.

FLOW Formal Wear has been releasing brand new promo shots of Sitch modeling their clothes all week long on their Facebook page ... and the photos prove he's got the "Blue Steel" look down pat.

Even though he's modeling formal attire, the self-described Guido still found a way to flaunt his abs in one of the shots and his guns in another. Keepin' it classy!

Check out all the photos above.

Comments (4)

stevebeagle:  1209 days ago

got a head like Cecil the Turtle,,and that same stupid look in every shot. and he's punk enough to run himself into a wall rather than risk a proper ass beating .

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david:  1209 days ago

what a douche...i almost feel sorry for him...i definitely feel embarrassed for him...he needs a family member to say "just stop"

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onecent:  1209 days ago

@stevebeagle & @david: I can barely type I'm laughing so hard at your comments! That is one GOOFY lookin' dude, and he's STILL trying to 'rock' that tired a$$ hair-do from 1992. He is the SPITTIN' image of POPEYE to me and what's truly funny is that he really and truly thinks he is the s**t!!!!!

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KrissyK:  1106 days ago

That's my future boyfriend.

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