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Video: Demi Moore Talks Ashton Kutcher Amid Split Rumors


If Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have split, they're keeping it quiet ... for now.

Though rumors about a breakup have been circulating since Kutcher was spotted partying solo on their anniversary on September 24, Moore talked about him on today's "Good Morning America" ... and there was no sign of overt unhappiness.

While promoting her Lifetime movie "Five" with Jennifer Aniston and Alicia Keys, Demi talked about Ashton sending her flowers on set during filming.

It's worth noting the interview was taped last week ... though, by then, the gossip had already started.

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Sherms:  1209 days ago

BARF. Keep putting on the facade. You should have seen this're what? 20 years older than him? I don't care what anyone says, you simply cannot have anything in common with someone with that large of an age gap. It was good while it lasted. Now it's's okay to move on. But don't lie about it.

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Sandy:  1209 days ago

Lindsay- if they didn't have anything in common they why have they been married fir so long? Age doesn't matter! Look at Harrison Ford and his wife, they have a HUGE age difference and they have been married FOREVER. Ashton has been rumored to have been unfaithful and that's not uncommon in a marriage nomatter what the age difference.

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Jana:  1209 days ago

It's not what she is saying, look at the daggers in her eyes and the expression on her face when the questions is first asked!

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