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"Real Housewives" Catfight: Brandi Glanville vs. The Richards Sisters

The claws came out on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Monday night, when new cast member Brandi Glanville took on sisters Kim and Kyle Richards at what was supposed to be a fun game night at Dana Wilkey's home.

Glanville -- the ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian -- had made a bad first impression on Kyle the week before at Adrienne Maloof's barbecue with her frank sex talk. Kim had arrived at Wilkey's home already "tired" and "anxious," requiring multiple trips to the bathroom to freshen up.

The three women were assigned to the same team, but Kim told Kyle she didn't want to play with Brandi. The Richards sisters further excluded Brandi by offering up clues only the other would know. A frustrated Brandi called them out on their "mean girl" behavior and Kim's frequent trips to the bathroom, and this is the drama that ensued:


Kyle went on Ryan Seacrest's show this morning to explain the situation. "I looked so mean, I swear I'm not a mean person," the brunette Richards said. "The group dynamics are so tense that it really can bring out the worst in you."

"It's so upsetting to me. I actually cried for 24 hours, [the footage] bothered me so much. I apologize to Brandi and I apologize to anybody I've let down." Richards also added things get worse before the get better with newcomer Glanville.

"Just heard Kyle's interview with@RyanSeacrest & Im annoyed!" Glanville tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

Co-star Lisa Vanderpump just chimed in on Twitter too, adding "Hey ....everybody give @KyleRichards18 a break,too much bashingEVERYBODY has an off night,none of us are perfect you just get to witness it."

Did Kim and Kyle overreact on game night? Was Brandi pushing their buttons too hard? Tell TooFab in the comments below!

Comments (13)

Tinalouise:  1202 days ago

Kyle comes off like a total biotch who need to grow up. Instead of making fun of Brandi she should be worrying about her hot mess of a sister. They have no place to talk about anyone else that is for sure. Who acts like that? Grow the hell up and stop making fools of yourselves! I guess it's ok for Kyle to call her sister a drunk but no one else can..get her some help asap!!

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karma112:  1202 days ago

Brandi had more patience than I would. Kim hiding her crutches immature. I felt sorry for Kim in the first season but I can see what a miserable human being she is. I can see why the industry is not calling her for roles. Dana is a character herself. She likes to to throw names of designers and how much things cost. People with money normally do not act that way. Sounds like trailer trash trying to buy her way in. Instead of Beverly Hills housewives it should be named Beverly Hills Hillbillies.

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.:Loki4Ever:.:  1202 days ago

They lost their minds! I felt SO bad for Brandi! Kyle and Kim are SO jealous of her. I couldn't imagine hanging out with people like that.. fake.. phony.. LOSERS.

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maria:  1202 days ago

What a trashy people ,but what do you expect? they are just rich but not CLASS at all ,they were BULLIES ,I know Brandi has a big mouth but you show class killing with kindness! Kyle is a backstabber both of them were making statemenets about her hostes dirty house and making fun of her clothing when she was talking about her clothes Kyle said "Kmart"? why is so jealousy between? with friends like that who needs enemies? while this wannabe woman is talking about $25.000.00 eyeglasses repeating again and again and this "Valentino" whaoo maybe is the first time she use somthing expensive? NOT CLASS AT ALL I dislike all of them !

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imo:  1202 days ago

I find it ironic that Kyle's premise is that she is a great and loving mom. All I could think about as I watched that fiasco is what kind of person with children acts like that? Her behavior was beyond cruel and inexcusable. Way to set an example for your kids, momma! I always like Kim, but now not so much. I saw a veryl ugly side to her, as well. I have to give Brandi a ton of credit. I think she put up with the "mean girls" antics a lot longer then most would have.

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simplegirl:  1202 days ago

I will no longer watch this show. I would crawl under a rock if my children witnessed this behavior. GREAT ROLE MODELS!!! All I can say...parenting101. Give it a try Kyle and KIm!

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anon:  1201 days ago


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DanceDaisy:  1201 days ago

Kyle is decent looking but she is a stuck up bitch who thinks her **** doesn't stink and is a total hater on the new girl Dana ( who is odd). Kim is a wrinkly old **** who is probably a total pill popper by the way she acts sadly ( I use to know a few). I didn't think I was going to like Brandi and first but now I am jocking her. Brandi is beautiful and the other old ***** are jealous of her. I like her personality she is out spoken but TRUTHFUL she is definitely a biatch in her own little way but I like that about her. Lisa and her dumb dog are both disgusting no manners at the dinner table. Adrienne & Taylor & Brandi are my favorites. I hope Brandi shoves her crutches one up Kyles FLATT ass and one up Kim pancake ass...lmao.....

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DiamondLil:  1200 days ago

Sre we watching the same episodes? Brandi and her dirty foul mouth, started this whole thing. I am Team Kyle, attack my sister, I will attack you. Brandi is not letting on at all about her alcohol issues and her DUI's,...she has noo class whatseoever. Miss Kyle,....honey, Brandi baited you, and you took the bait. Eddie turned to Leanne for a reason,.,...I'd leave Brandi too, for all of the emotional problems she has. Kyle, better than that.
Love Lisa Vanderpump's side comments and notes,.....just have a major problem with animals eating at a dinner table,and drinking champagne out of crystal ware,....just nasty.

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Zan:  1197 days ago

Kyle and your sister..ok took two..just to handle one..My girl straight called you a bitch not once but twice..I must agree..Demi Moore wanna be look alike..forreal
Your are most hateful person and your loser sister..

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DanceDaisy:  1196 days ago

lol wanna be demi moore haha and guess what demi gets cheated on ur fine looking hubby will cheat too hopefully w/ brandi sweet revenge!

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ObliviousCelebrities:  1195 days ago

Ugh cant stand kyle. she gives her sob story about how she cried for 24 hours. whatever. another failed attempt to gain public sympathy for her inexcusable, mean-spirited behavior. she is a nasty, jealous woman and that god awful finger pointing drives me up a wall. i would bend those fingers so far back they would break if she did that to me.. she is so hateful. look at how she treated Camille last season, and then her own sister, and then the lady at the party. not saying she was wrong for throwing that lady from the party, but it's the WAY that she did it. No class whatsoever. kim is barely worth mentioning. she is obviously high on something. i think last season she was sober which is why she acted so fragile. now that she is off the wagon she is more loose...i am sure it was kim who pushed her over the edge into drinking/abusing drugs or whatever it is she does. kyle is abusive. you can see it as clear as day.

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christy:  1191 days ago

Kyle get your 80's hair cut

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